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Plasma TV New Generation

April 10, 2020


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Scientists of the Moldavian National Institute of Advanced Studies Laboratory Junior Radio Technician “pleased with a statement of completion of the prototype plasma display panel of new generation, which saves you from need to go to the cinema. The model combines the latest advances in science, military engineering and the best traditions of tv production, “birch”. That is why the foundation was taken over old-loved television. (A valuable related resource: Ali Asaria). But Do not be misleading appearance of new items. Under the wood (mahogany!) Decorative plating is titanium case with a diamond coating that enables it to withstand a direct hit by an intercontinental ballistic missiles. On the surface, of course, can stay a couple of scratches, but they can easily be removed by the diligence and the included set of polishes. If you are experiencing periodic outages electricity, then you can not help worrying. Constant power devices provide 100 high-power batteries .

But even if you managed to plant them, do not worry – as standard equipment includes a generator, collected based on a tricycle “gnome”, so now’s the time spent at the screen, will depend on you and your enthusiasm, as they say, you want to watch – Pedal. The model is also equipped with a special built-in tuner: on the back panel has a special connector to connect the latter to the Hadron Collider. That will allow it to take feeds from the distant cosmos. And if you have the latest firmware you can even download watch pay channels of most galaxies. If you are visually impaired – now you do not have to wear glasses while watching your favorite tv series: The screen itself acquires a form lenses and give you a comfortable viewing. Original color and high resolution provides the crew of dwarfs inside the model and duplicating all . This decision helped to leave far behind the standards of color coding pal, secam, ntsc, ntsc 4.43, pal 60, PAL-M, the notion of contrast ratio, Full hd standard, and dynamic scanning. As stated by the developers, so as not to displace from the market all the brands and do not enter the world economy even deeper into depression, the latter was taken decision to launch the model into production no earlier than the end of the world financial knizisa.