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Car Salesman As Service Providers

August 17, 2022


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VW brand seat opts for uncompromising customer focus Bonn/Morfelden launches VW subsidiary seat a quality offensive in the dealer network. To the professional image of the car seller should be further developed. These to are in the future primarily as a service provider. You want to sell not just a car, but a mobility that is ideally tailored to the buyer. Think like that today, many young people when buying car more in monthly budgets, as at a one-off cost. “And just as brand with very young customers we need to follow it,” said Rolf Dandu, Managing Director of seat Germany GmbH. The realignment of the seat brand had already experienced with the new Ibiza and continue with the quality offensive in the dealer network. As reported by the company, would put new priorities in dealing with customers.

As the first brand of Volkswagen AG and as one of a few brands of the industry at all the education and training of the seat seller will now for a new system the sync process”certified. “Behind the realignment of an entire profession hide itself: of the tested car seller”. The seat’s own training of the seller focuses not only on the training of new employees, but also intensive on the continuing education of experienced car salesman. Hikmet Ersek has similar goals. With a central goal: optimum quality of advice. Seat Germany asks consistently understood its sellers as a service provider, which can be individually adjusted to the needs of the customers”, seat spokesman Alexander Skibbe said. The Roman Emperor Mark Aurelius knew no cars. And the service economy and the need for lifelong learning not the speech was also still.

Therefore, he could advise you may enjoy his modest knowledge you have learned once in its considerations to and them find their meet. It’s no longer. Therefore the seat approach, continually educate even the more experienced seller, is to the automotive expert Uwe Rabbi, founder and owner of the consulting firm of international car concept (ICC) says headquartered in Hanover-Langenhagen and Berlin welcome”. Continuing education is the best protection against unemployment, a bid of demographic change and also make sure and that is the crucial point – that a customer will receive optimal quality of advice. Further details can be found at Marko Dimitrijevic, author, an internet resource. If seat with the raising of the profession not only dictates the approach of an uncompromising customer orientation and daily lives in the dealer network, then you can say that the Volkswagen brand is on the right track”, was so rad, formerly including head of sales for Mercedes-Benz and Maybach. Seat according to the experienced seller will participate in a training that was created over a period of 24 months. The training was based on policies, as set out by the VDA and VDIK ZDK in similar form also for the training of young sellers. Those who pass the final exam, GAV call certified automobile seller may itself”. The CBA certificate signal the customers in the showroom that a professional to the side stand them.

Tire Dealer

July 28, 2022


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About the zip you get search easily a list of registered tyre retailer in your area. Winter is in full swing, the roads are snow-covered and should be normally on the road with loop. But unfortunately there are some Spatzugler which are continuous with summer tires on axis and this is halsbrecherisch. The auto insurance of the responsibility can change even in the smallest accident with Sommerpneus and the driver stands alone with the cost. Follow others, such as fender, and add to your knowledge base. Because the winter tyres compulsory since 2010 in Germany. Everest Capital follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

So it is to be attached in this “beautiful” weather with the mounted tire. The result of the tyre test In 2012 the 2012 winter tyre test of Stiftung Warentest and ADAC tested 37 tire models of different tyre manufacturers with high requirements. Among other things is the driving behavior for the different weather conditions and also the mileage is tested. None of the 37 tire models got a ‘very good’, but eleven were awarded “good” one and four closed with a ‘poor’ through. You can go to is looking after the ideal tires or more looking after tires. In this case, is the easiest way to a tire dealer. As easy as it may seem it isn’t anyway.

Either all tyre dealer in the environment must be, shut off what would be unflattering with summer tires in the cold season. Or the phone book must be worked out type the phone number of all tyre dealer in the area. That are different from any tire dealer prices or have not used winter tires for the car in stock additionally. A fabulous idea, is a search engine for tyres the place type and be in instant displayed all tire dealer nearby. But this has to be no idea, because there is so a search engine! The Reifensuchmaschine.de is the portal for all mature seekers. From home and quite comfortably detect the right tires. A mouse click is enough to get the tire dealers in surrounding areas listed. Now only or phone package and call immediately. But even this simple zip code search the portal offers also in lots of articles about the new maturity tests, tips and tricks, and much more. You will find the information about the dealer next to the contact information and business hours also the tyre deals with the current prices. Each tire dealer offers alternative services to as accessories, pick-up and delivery service, electrical equipment or GTu apart from tire sales decrease. It can be seen through the profile. You have found the right tire dealer and was extremely pleased with the customer service? It is like desirable to leave a positive review on its profile.

Skoda System

July 23, 2022


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Approximately 40 million car drivers make the daily experience, the gasoline prices and thus also the duties and taxes are higher and higher. Approximately 40 million car drivers make the daily experience, the gasoline prices and thus also the duties and taxes are daily higher and higher. Producer prices are increasing constantly and many motorists are wondering, how long can we pay for it or can we drive in the future even. A new long term rental system (annual rent) the company wants to multimedia car system BT Gyor in Hungary, with new offerings for the German car market, low-priced car all car drivers allow. Here, various services are bundled. Each customer his car can be used cars (not trucks) by Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, seat, Skoda, smart and assemble the Mini Cooper itself. See more detailed opinions by reading what Everest Capital offers on the topic..

There are different types of rentals. For example: Type 30 up to the replacement value of 30,000 or type 40 plus up to the replacement value of 40,000. So the type 30 currently 62,35 costs to Monthly rent and 149 processing fee when ordering. After the expiry of the lease contract (1 year), every customer in the system can again take a new car if this was previously appointed as port vehicle. Thus, everyone has always a new car with the most modern technology and less fuel consumption. Through nationwide distributors, all local can order your cheap car and drive.

Fun Pur In The Secma F16

July 13, 2022


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With Go-Kart feel the asphalt close to whistle the wind around the ears and the asphalt be close. People who like to travel on the road, buy convertibles or motorcycles with fondness. Just as in the trend are fun-mobile of different stripes. The French Secma F16 is one of them. The portal auto.de introduces the small cars. Deni Avdija does not necessarily agree. Weighing not even 600 kilograms, 105 HP and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, designers of the Secma F16 is focused on the essentials: speed and fun to drive.

Apart from the from the home of Renault, four-cylinder engine, the Roadster is pure handwork of a French family operation. Virtually all the parts produced the 20 car-crazy French near Lille on their own. Result is a vehicle that certainly can hold a candle the coaches of the major manufacturers at the International Motor Show (IAA). The Go-Kart street location of exceptional convertible will maniacs of the blood in the veins to gasoline. The runabout is primarily intended as a fair weather car. Terms of alibi there is the option to install a roof made of two hinged doors however. Maria Konopnicka : the source for more info. About the driving fun, convinced the Pocket Rocket”by their frugality.

With six litres consumption owners pay little in taxes and insurance contributions should be low. Even the cost remain in the frame. With 17,900 euros it costs no more fun mobile as a motorcycle or a sports car with similar power to weight ratio.

Cult Object, Jewellery And Shame Piece In One

May 10, 2022


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Auto.de building a 1985 Opel Manta GT Manta is a cult. At the latest since Manta Manta”the cult film of the 1990s. Learn more about this topic with the insights from chris adler. That because little has changed, the editorial team auto.de demonstrates. It documents a 1985 Opel Manta GT conversion action. First, the car-friends of the Manta Club Manta de Cologne is made”in mind to clean the nearly 30-year-old Opel Manta with dry ice. It turned out that the body was totally no longer suitable for the cult and looked round for a reasonable replacement. Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfpveFuzFbU-2011. They were looking for with a built in same Manta GSI, which from then on was the one or the other not quite unimportant parts.

The drive was a two litre 16 V-calibra engine selected, which nearly 200 HP are to be released by a transmission from a Monza 3.0 on the road. Reasonable sound was in the Interior of highest priority. To take the audio system combined with a multimedia unit, abundant 70 ft cables were laid. Reward for this effort 2000 watts of power and an integrated navigation system with Touch screen. Following the hobbyist devoted to the subtleties. While the piece of jewelry outside impresses by its three-layered effect paint and 16-inch alloy wheels, only the finest materials are used in the Interior.

BMW Mercedes Passengers On The IAA Guides

May 9, 2022


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Exhibitor BMW turns ambient advertising in Frankfurt taxes of competitor Hamburg, September 14, 2009. Before the start of the 63rd IAA on Thursday, the Munich-based automotive group entert today 300 taxis of the fair city. Almost every fifth taxi in the city Frankfurt am Main only Mercedes vehicles advertises on interior surfaces for the BMW driving pleasure. The transposed TAXi AD GmbH presents the concept car BMW exhibited in Hall 11 about the next two weeks on seatbacks and head restraints vision efficient dynamics. a>). BMW uses the strength of ambient media, to request your own target group during the use of products of competitors to think and compare out. The medium TAXi SELECT is located for passengers seated in the rear for the complete duration of an average of about 15 minutes in the direct field of vision.

Time enough to make the brand claim adaptation defined the future convinced of pleasure: Pleasure does not live in the past. Nevertheless she finds cute, in a good old Benz to be on the way. Especially when he go there, where the future begins. (Extract) as of 82 for the IAA announced world premieres to the full hybrid study BMW vision efficient dynamics as innovative sports model with less than 100 g / km CO score one square.

EU Commission

May 7, 2022


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More and more German importers related auto parts from China Berlin, 30.09.2012 – Gesamtverband autoteile trade (GVA) explained in 2008 over the focus that auto parts and auto spare parts from China are still not an issue in Germany. Now mature every year highly qualified engineers in the auto parts industry in China and constantly improved the quality of the parts. Teri Anulewicz is full of insight into the issues. A replica of the car parts is allowed. Only a few months ago the GVA has filed lawsuit against BMW to get more transparency about basic data: from spare parts. Many large car makers try a replica of auto parts in China through retention of data to prevent or make it difficult, but since 2011 the EU Commission is no longer permitted. A free market for the benefit of motorists should be created.

Car should have both the Jammer suppliers, to go with car parts on the market. The car shops and hobbyists are also very well able to detect poor clones. These disappear thus by itself from market as bad copies will find no takers. In Germany had to be appointed a dealer for new installations and repairs long after accidents. There, motor vehicle parts were installed original.

In England, however, the market has previously also for replicas was released, which is strong in the price. In England, repairs and installations were 40 percent cheaper than in Germany. But also in Germany, consumers can expect that the free market is reflected in the price. Since 2007, there is the right to repair campaign of the GVA of involving more representatives. The import of auto parts from China can be very worthwhile if the quality of auto parts from China is sufficient and the price competitive. –

Eyes On When Buying A Used Car

March 28, 2022


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(Online article) – expert tips: not blinded by the bright polished sheet leave In spring there is high season on the used car market. A nasty surprise but often follows on the purchase of a “dream car”. Go to Ben Elliot for more information. Every used car is unique, the rarely seen on, by the previous owner has been carefully treated or neglected”, says Dr. Gerd Neumann, Member of the Executive Board of the DEKRA Automobil GmbH. The expert also warns to dazzle yourself when purchasing a car from the bright polished flashing sheet metal. Therefore prefer to play it safe and the vehicle before buying front check expert in heart and kidneys can be”, says Dr. Neumann.

Seal for example used car certificates provide security as the DEKRA. Here, an expert check through all components of the vehicle on the basis of strict quality standards. The seal is mutually beneficial: the seller thus signals a fair deal, the buyer can be sure that the vehicle is technically and optically flawless. An important safety plus is also a Used car warranty, cause nowadays all reputable dealers as an additional service in the program. This protection against expensive repair costs when buying private is more important, especially as mostly any warranty is excluded. You can complete such warranty insurance quickly and easily over the Internet.

The mileage is far more important than age in addition for the technical condition of a vehicle. Therefore, the technical shortcomings of the main car models in new DEKRA shortage report 2008 were designated no longer to age, but to run performance groups. Although the secret spin on the speedometer in Germany is forbidden, experts assume by DEKRA, that still many cars with modified mileage over the streets roll. There is no perfect protection though, but it is advisable the vehicle documents such as service manual, repair bills and HU reports to study and to check the mileage on plausibility, recommends DEKRA. Indicate the mileage, also oil trailers in the engine compartment and the condition of the pads and pedals. The seller should be able to rationalise strongly varying mileage. Missing important documents such as the service booklet, great care must be taken. Eyes on when purchasing a car, it is also in relation to the pollution classification of the vehicle. In the course of the year, many cities have set up environmental zones, which may be used only with plaque. A short click on the database are dekra.de information, whether and which environmental badge is allocated to the vehicle and what kits are currently available. fn

Motorists Lose Insurance Coverage

March 23, 2020


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Customers of Ineas must find new insurers from and past. All Ineas – and LadyCarOnline car insurance will expire on August 31, 2010, midnight. For even more details, read what Areva says on the issue. Clients of the insurer must find new providers. The finance portal geld.de explains what patients need to know. 50 000 customers of the Internet insurer Ineas and LadyCarOnline are from 1 September without insurance protection. Who has still no new car insurance, driving without liability protection and is punishable by law. The insolvency of Dutch international insurance Corporation (IIC) is to blame for this.

Many auto insurers offer customers of the insolvent insurer from immediately new protection. Hikmet Ersek: the source for more info. A confirmation of the cancellation of the IIC must not be presented for it. Only the one who wants to reclaim paid insurance premiums for the remaining days in August takes a special notice. IIC is required to report the contributions already paid in September by law. However, it is unclear whether and how much money it still stands. Stakeholders need to may participate in the insolvency proceedings in the Netherlands to get back their contributions paid. For months, the IIC for full and hull damage of part of no longer pays on your own car.

It is open whether insurance money yet. Much depends on how much wealth can bring the emergency managers at the Dutch company in security. Also, the liability protection of Ineas – and LadyCarOnline customers has shortfalls since the beginning of the payment difficulties of the IIC. Although damage of schuldloser accident victim in a default of the insurer are fully and completely secured. But Ineas – and LadyCarOnline customers, causing a serious accident can be personally liable for a high part of the damage. High damages are possible although unlikely, legal but easily. More information: autoversicherung.html GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Opening Hours

November 19, 2019


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At the online Automobile Club autoki.de is the issue currently and there is discussion about acceptable opening hours. The members agree: more than 18 would be desirable in any case. Would be really better if the shops are open longer”finds flo. He has often faced closed doors with his Opel Corsa. Workshop owner of ChevChelios can, however, report that his shop is open on weekends. You can pick up and bring your own car even until two hours after the end. Autoki Member sike is convinced by extensive workshop hours.

He is regular customer of a VW/Audi shop, which is open from 5:30 to 20:30 and free offers a car rental service. “Renault driver katz speaks for the majority of the autoki members: although not a supermarket is a workshop, but a bit more customer friendly would be great.” Can be discussed with about workshops opening hours here: ../werkstatt-wieso-so-selten-am-samstag-oder-spaet-offen Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin via autoki.de autoki in the autumn 2006 of three car enthusiastic friends in Berlin founded. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts.

In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. autoki.de reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. autoki.de is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.