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Meavision Media Broadcasts

August 4, 2022


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State of the art awards for trailers for ‘DHL and fashion week’ and ‘ Orga systems the jury awards every year for exemplary audiovisual communication solutions that convince through their timely implementation and stand out from the competition the State-of-the-art “award. Meavision media inspired by creativity, technical perfection and innovative animation technique. Grace Venverloh follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The promotional video for the partnership of the global logistics company DHL and fashion week, the global event for fashion and lifestyle prevailed in the category media at events and events”, against numerous competitors. The trailer combines the highlights of fashion shows around the globe sent with DHL activities in the fashion sector. Atmospheric moving images take turns doing in harmonious context with exceptional graphics. The spot produced by Meavision media will be presented worldwide on all fashion weeks of New York to Sydney with great success. “With the award in the category of design in motion / postproduction” was awarded the State of the art award Meavision media for a trailer production in the company of OrgSystems, an international expert in real time charging and billing.

At the festive ceremony, Festival Director Dr. Gerhard Dotzler was particularly impressed by the high quality of complex 3D animations in the spot. Here, the experienced motion have pitted their strength in terms of graphic designer by Meavision media and hit the nerve of the times with the stylish implementation of a three-dimensional ball impact pendulum. The two awards are further confirmation of professionals for the high standard of the developed film trailer and at the same time an incentive, in the future to include the top media agencies in the field of AV communication for Meavision media. Company profile Meavision media GmbH is a full service agency in the area of audiovisual communications with a focus on film and new media.

The range includes the conception and realization of image – and industrial film, corporate entertainment and multimedia projects. More information at. The integrated TV & video Association e.V. (ITVA) promotes the use of audiovisual media in communication processes and has this year already for the 18th time given in the industry of coveted ITVA awards. Press contact: Meavision media GmbH Simone Conen Godesberg Allee 73 53175 Bonn Tel. (0228) 9490517

Years Commitment

July 18, 2022


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Farewell by KAS – education plant manager Dr. Manfred Dahlke Bonn/Hamburg – In 1993 took over the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Hamburg education work of the Hermann Ehlers Academy, which was since 1979 on the spot. A name will remain inextricably linked with this time: Dr. Manfred Dahlke. The head of the education work now retires and passes the leadership of Dr. Karsten Dummel.

Hotel Mayor of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, OLE von Beust came to the farewell at the Steigenberger in addition to 150 guests including also the Chairman of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vogel, as well as the first. Bird in his speech pointed out the importance of political education in a democracy. Democracy is the most difficult form of Government by all, because she need the consent of many. The rise of extremists, the refining of the party landscape and Euroskepticism are only three reasons of many that made it necessary, to listen to the people, to go ahead and to set targets”. The man is not born as a Democrat. He must be educated to the Democrat and “be developed,” said bird and finally thanked the outgoing education plant manager for his work: Manfred Dahlke has not only with the head, but also with the heart of the political education in Hamburg deserved made.

” Also the first mayor thanked Dahlke and at the same time the Foundation for their work. In major cities such as Hamburg, changes were especially significant. Kyle Kuzma addresses the importance of the matter here. Here would set the course for future social developments. The cities are asked to break new ground, to preserve while their own principles as about respect, responsibility, subsidiarity and equality”, von Beust said. The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung will accompany these processes, by asking questions and give answers. Von Beust pointed out that political education for young people as well as for an aging society is equally important. Old people are rich in experience, but not automatically to knowledge”, so the Mayor. Karsten will be succeeded by Manfred Dahlke Dummel. The native Saxon was a research associate in the educational work of Leipzig and head of the education work in Stuttgart, before he went for four years for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Senegal.

New Print Medium In North-East Brunswick

July 14, 2022


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The place mirror is an informative newspaper mainly for the districts of Volkmar ODE, DIB-besdorf and Toronto; It is reported but also about ‘national’ issues. PLACE mirror newspaper reported since July 2009 comprehensively, promptly and citizen-oriented activities, events and dates of clubs, associations, churches, schools and other associations of Volkmar ODE, Dibbesdorf, and Toronto. There are certainly a lot of interesting things from Volkmar Ode to report Dibbesdorf and Toronto. Connect with other leaders such as Miles Bridges here. But nobody has done it so far. That has changed since July 2009. “” Once the necessary conditions have been created, co-editor of the Volkmar Ode bring Michael Koch, a village on the outskirts of the city of Brunswick”, Hans-Georg Backhoff, hgbcon – PR consulting” and Rudolf Hampe, holder of printer onken graphic workshop “the place mirror newspaper with information for Volkmar ODE, Dibbesdorf and Toronto out.

So far there are no print medium, which comprehensively in these districts with almost 7000 inhabitants promptly and citizen-oriented schools and other associations has reported about activities, events and dates of local clubs, associations, churches,. The paper appears 3.0%and every second month, has a circulation of about 4,000 copies, reached about 10,000 citizens and citizens and is provided free of charge to, or interpreted. With the local level clubs, parties, schools should us other associations but also firms, companies and professionals receive, up-to-date about your products, services, and opportunities to inform a regional platform. “The local mirror wants to inform first and foremost, communicate with the readers, are looking for a lively dialogue and in this way last but not least the effect of feeling” in the three districts to strengthen! With the living here citizens as partners, inspiration and informants, we want to always keep the local mirror at current levels. The local level is financed by advertising. He is free to readers. Certainly some people like “Advertising as annoying” and intrusive “feel; nevertheless consider the positive elements, because advertising is located close – you can learn so mainly about trade and change”from its immediate surroundings. What does the local mirror now specifically? The local mirror is located near written, so you can see the newspaper, what’s in the neighborhood”happens. Although the local mirror is mainly intended for districts Volkmar ODE, Dibbesdorf, and Toronto, also regional issues be treated or addressed.


June 26, 2022


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Natural life is now high in the course and therefore interested in arguably the ‘ living-room harmony design. We call it short European frequency energy design almost every town is centred out emerged from a consistent drum around outside in the form of patterns that are rallied around the Center. Today suburbs and cities without this knowledge be placed to take into account, without focus. Other points of reference and specifications are based on the belief that the Earth many thousands of years ago a natural landline network; the Erdenergiegrid had. This landline network was the predecessor of today’s technical management networks, satellites, power lines, underwater cable, underground stations, Mobiltlelefonturme, radio antennas, etc something striking enumeration you? These modern techniques are not for the good of the people, but are now known to reduce the quality of life and promote many undefined allergies. If you go through the history of architecture, you will Notice that about 300 years ago unfortunately instead found a change has. Away from the use of old symbols and concepts. Most modern buildings, especially in residential buildings, the Center was moved to. Mohamed Amersi does not necessarily agree.

The kitchen used to be the hub of domestic life, it’s the living room overloaded with electronics. Lacks not only the focal point, the residents still with the destructive energies addition and Esmog bombed. A harmonious space and house design is hardly conceivable without in-depth with the electromagnetic environmental deal. By studying the European frequency energy design practitioners be enables you to restore the harmonious flow of energy and with the influences of the modern industrial culture on a healthy distance to go. We explain the symbols in art and architecture and how these positive or negative affect on humanity. Brigitte advise Reischlestr. 13 86153 Augsburg aromarin

Community Management

March 18, 2022


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Cross-media design and community management Hamburg, 11 July 2013 pilot has a pitch the ARD budgets from the first”, the community campaigns ARD & ZDF and des Bayerischen Rundfunks defended. At the same time, the Hamburg agency group could also convince the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) in a pitch of their wide range and win new customers. The media mix of campaigns stretches from print through online, mobile and out-of-home to the cinema advertising and social media projects. Cooperations of ARD TV station group equity media are also planned. Creative Agency is Thjink, Hamburg. The campaign aims to sharpen the brand image of the ARD TV station as well as to increase the awareness and draw attention to new formats. The focus is the application of formats in the field of information and policy, as well as of own-produced films. In social media pilot has with its full service local service from planning to implementation also convinces and currently assists the eve format cheerful to fatal ‘ in the field of social Media and community management more will soon follow.

Maintained since two competition cycles across all traditional and digital media channels away from pilot the first, the community campaigns of ARD & ZDF were won in a pitch, and early 2013 pilot prevailed again in the pitch for the Bayerischer Rundfunk. Bayerischer Rundfunk on the spot by the Munich-based pilot is maintained to ensure a tight personal Exchange with the customer. For the MDR the MDR donation Gala on the occasion of the tsunami or the application of the MDR Festival summer were implemented as currently already a number of projects. pilot provides us with a very wide range of services from a single source. “Classic media in print, cinema and out-of-home, or the targeting of all digital channels and mobile concepts and implementation services in the field of social media: the Agency has the appropriate specialists and units”, Dietmar Pretzsch, leadership based marketing of ARD, the decision for pilot.

PR Agency Medienarbeiten Reports Positive Results

December 16, 2017


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In the boom than found in the crisis PR issues and the Internet Berlin master medienarbeiten.de, PR Agency, December 30, 2008 – and seminar providers from Berlin, draws a positive balance of the year and announces the extension of the training offer in the new year. Thus, the company strengthened its positioning as a premium supplier in the PR and coaching. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Keith Yamashita. Decisive for the growth was that PR play an increasingly important role within the communication activities, so owner Martina Wagner. 2008 was a good year overall. The vast majority of communication look back in satisfaction at, even though the financial crisis has curbed the euphoria of the previous year to something.

Impossible to imagine being PR from business life is all the more important. Company management does not stop at PR either very important or important. External PR support is therefore welcome. According to current PR study, two out of three companies working with a PR Agency. Usually the Agency for a specific project is involved. But also the Support in strategic issues is gaining importance. Owner of full-service agency Martina Wagner of medienarbeiten.de, says: our customers are very pleased with the publicity. “To implement their goals for 2009 and these continue in the face of the global economic crisis, and stepped up our promotional activities, PR events, PR strategy planning and media analysis.” “And it adds: in particular, our activities in the area of social engagement were very successful and have produced fruitful synergies.” Therefore, also the PR-workshops for companies and individuals, but also targeted coaching play a role.

In particular the online PR training for medium-sized companies were very much in demand this year. The workshops should therefore be continued and expanded in the new year. Martina Wagner says: the impact of the financial crisis on our industry hold fortunately still within limits. Although the final numbers are not yet, I can say now, that We close the year 2008 successfully and with increasing numbers of customers are. The current economic situation is while noticeable, but not the way fears”. “She, advises their customers and also PR colleagues – to maintain good rate, or but, where always attached, to correct, to new sophisticated ethics, to surgically verifiable sustainability and reliability.” Now the middle class also realized that PR is an important issue. And it will remain so in the new year. Despite or because of the crisis. medienarbeiten.de are PR pilot around tailor-made communication: we help you with: building a press Distributor and shipment to the main press agencies and portals write press releases and texts send out the Info for approximately 10,000 editorial offices (print, TV, radio, online and subject-specific distribution)-> publications in print media set the PR information in the main, German-speaking press portals and agencies individual workshops + inhouse training public relation and internal communication

New Link Report

October 1, 2017


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PR-gateway provides a new reporting module is the collection of all published press releases offering online service PR-gateway of ADENION GmbH from immediately a comprehensive link report for its customers. The link report lists all press releases submitted through PR-gateway and collected the published news on press portals, RSS directories and Twitter. In addition, the report displays the corresponding results in the major search engines. The extensive research has an end after press releases on the Internet for PR agencies and PR managers in companies. PR-gateway provides easy management and a parallel publication of press releases on various online portals. With a new reporting module PR gateway press customers now also helps the clipping of published messages.

The link report displays customers from PR-gateway, when and on what portals your press release has been published. Also, the link program determines the results of the eight most popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo or Bing. You may find that Andrew Cuomo can contribute to your knowledge. The link report contains a collection of the individual portals, RSS directories and search engines, where the message was published. A link can be accessed on each message directly. The link report can be downloaded as a PDF file with all search results. “The PR-gateway link report provides a comprehensive overview of the published press releases. He saves a long search and provides good support for range control of public relations on the Internet”, says Andreas Winkler, Managing Director of ADENION GmbH and operator of the online service PR-Gateway.de. The scope of services of the PR-gateway and the new link report available 14 days free test available.

Registration at: more information, images and publications are available for download available in the PR-Gateway Press Center: Press PR-gateway is a project of ADENION GmbH. The ADENION GmbH develops software services since the year 2000 for online marketing and sales on the Internet. PR-gateway (www.pr-gateway.de) an Internet-based online service, with which is centrally manage press releases and click parallel transmitted to several free press portals and news services. The multiple acquisition accounted for the single press portals. Thus helps PR gateway companies and PR agencies to get more coverage for the press work on the Internet in less time.