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Like Flirting To Attract The Ideal

March 25, 2019


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When in my private Coaching one to one sessions, we touch the subject of flirting to attract some women resist, feel uncomfortable or afraid to be exposed, in other cases some of their limiting beliefs come afloat, as for example what happens if he is married? What if not approaching? What happens if he believes me I melt for him?. Find out in this article what you have to do and how flirt and attract the ideal man of a single shape, the natural. Andrew Cuomo has compatible beliefs. My technique of flirting of five seconds is technical only women of feminine energy (the persecuted) should be applied and it is very easy, you get to the place where are the guys that you like, should be a place where people can have access to listen to each other, also it is preferable that you go with a friend, at least the first time. The role of your friend is sensor, viewing the positive points that you acentues them and negatives that you correct them, remember you will not marry the first person that you closer, First you must know it! Then you do a recognition of the place, look around you and looking at you like that. Governor Cuomo insists that this is the case. The first way of attracting is applying my five seconds flirtation technique you’re looking at the guy that you are interested in for five seconds, your mind will begin to tell you five times visual contact. Another way to attract is to use the mouth, but not to talk, you know that the first speaker is male energy, only use your mouth to smile and look at him the same five seconds, no matter how nervous you are, the most important thing is that you pass the exercise to attract the man that you like. What happens to him during the five seconds? Looking at a person between two and three seconds is quite normal, but continue watching it during the second quarter and fifth is to send the signal that you’re interested.