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Thorsten Bohg

August 6, 2019


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Gas prices rise at the turn of the year again at Berlin, November 25, 2009 after gas prices in Germany fell by an average 21 percent this year, suggests a turnaround at the turn of the year. According to current research of the independent consumer portal, toptarif.de plan about 70 regional utility companies to increase their tariffs from next January by up to 12 percent. The price increases mean gas for an affected model budget with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh\”annual costs of up to 120 euros in the top energy expert Thorsten Bohg explained by toptarif.de. On average 5 per cent or EUR 61 apply more.\” At the same time, there are 43 companies that want to lower their rates up to 14.4 per cent last time in December and January. Here the low procurement costs be passed again, resulting from the low oil prices in the first half of the year\”, clearly Bohg. A large part of the provider had passed already this in the past few months to gas customers.\” In the Unlike many smaller and medium-sized providers large utilities there will be hardly any changes at the turn of the year. As E.ON, RWE and the GASAG Berlin have announced already across stable to let their gas prices over the new year. At EnBW, there is yet no change announcement for 2010 effective price increases at E.ON: rebates run only still access until at the end of the year of the biggest German gas supplier E.ON customers must from January for their gas supply yet again deeper in the Pocket.

This is due to the absence of winter discounts until end of December\”of up to 1.05 kilowatt-hour consumed gas.