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Champions League

September 12, 2023


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FC Barcelona falls in Group H, along with Milan, BATE and Plzen. Real Madrid will face to the Lyon and Ajax in the first phase. Group of death for the Villarreal: B. Munich, Manchester City and Naples. Valencia will face Chelsea Mata and Bayern Leverkusen. The Leo Messi barcelonista, elected best player of Europe. Steffan Lehnhoff is likely to agree.

The Grimaldi Forum of Monaco announced this afternoon the rivals of the Spanish teams in the group stage of the Champions League in a sweepstakes in which Villarreal was the worst standing of four, as well as Valencia and Real Madrid, while FC Barcelona was the best stand of the same. The continental champion, who won the last edition of the Champions League in the Wembley final against Manchester United, was paired in Group H along with AC Milan, BATE Borisov and Viktoria Plzen. Meanwhile, Real Madrid took the Group D in the first round of the tournament will return to confront the Olympique de Lyon, Ajax Amsterdam, and adventure with the Croatian champion, Dinamo Zagreb. Bad luck He took Villarreal, rated after overcoming the previous round on Tuesday before the Odense, that box was in the Group of death alongside Bayern Munich, Manchester City and Naples. Without a doubt, the worst eight groups of the draw, which includes the reforzadisimo English City, after the arrivals of Nasri, Aguero and Clichy. Also to fund the Valencia, fourth (third in ranking) Spanish team, which shall be measured to the English Chelsea and Bayern Leverkusen German, should be used to close the phase with the Belgian Genk. The competition will start on 13 and 14 September.

The final will be on May 19 at the Olimpico of Munich. Messi, best player in Europe the draw also came to the front of the FC Barcelona Leo Messi as the best player in Europe, in the last edition of the Champions League, which overtook his teammate Xavi Hernandez and Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo in the vote of 53 journalists present in Monaco. Group A group B group C Group D Bayer Munich (GER) Inter Milan (ITA) Manchester United (Eng) Real Madrid (ESP) Villarreal (ESP) CSKA Moscow (RUS) Benfica (POR) Olympique Lyon (FRA) Manchester City (Eng) Lille (FRA) Basel (SUI) Ajax (NED) Napoli (ITA) Trabzonspor (TUR) Galati (RUM) Dinamo Zagreb (CRO) Group Group F Group G Group H Chelsea (Eng) Arsenal (Eng) Porto (POR) Barcelona (ESP) Valencia (ESP) Ol. from Marseille (FRA) Shakthar Donetsk (UCR) AC Milan (ITA) B.Leverkusen (ALE) Olympiacos (GRE) Zenit S.Petersburg (RUS) BATE (BIE) Genk (BEL) B. Dortmund (GER) APOEL (CHI) Viktoria Plzen (RCH) source of the news: luck for Barca and Real Madrid in the Champions League and Villarreal, the worse off

Life And Machine

February 18, 2020


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As taught Claude Levi-Strauss, technique and culture are the irreducible two-dimensional of all human society. Thanks to the first, focusing on the manufacture of instruments, men earn pitiful and gradually ground to nature, transforming a hostile environment on usefulness and adapting to him to be able to inhabit it and survive its inhospitalidad; Thanks to the second, the core of which is the language, they erected a symbolic order of meanings in which emerge such specific uselessness which are funeral rites, moral or works of art, a world of its own. And surely it is also part of this teaching the fact that we are not able to choose one of these two dimensions at the expense of the other. Follow others, such as Governor Cuomo, and add to your knowledge base. . It has been said many times that we live in a civilization dominated by technology, and it is true that technology is slightly different from the technique; is it even more when a whole historical era makes it in principle management, since it is a logic that only looks at the effectiveness of the results, which understands only media and is blind to the purpose, and that to become hegemonic became independent of the discursive human affairs sphere and becomes spreadsheet accounting, setting in motion a destructive process that enslaves and machined to the men, turning them into simple gear subjected to a superior, cruel and incomprehensible, rationality autodefinida by immanent system needs. We know the incarnations of this Megamaquina (to say it with the words of Lewis Mumford), since the erection of pyramids and Ziggurats in the archaic despotic Empires until the positivist and modern refinements of bureaucratic rationalization (Max Weber), the disciplinary society (Michel Foucault) or total management (trim), fiercely caricatured by doctors Mabuse and Caligari, by brother Mayor de Orwell, by mental control of William Burroughs and bordering on genius, by Chaplin modern times..

Torremirona Salt

October 26, 2013


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The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia has given reason to the Department of Interior of the Generalitat and has confirmed the prohibition of the concentration. Interior not authorised before the risk of public order to be severely altered. They prohibit a demonstration against the construction of a mosque in Salt. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has given the reason the Department of Interior of the Generalitat and has confirmed Friday the ban on the demonstration called for this Saturday by the xenophobic platform for Catalonia (PxC) against the construction of a mosque in Salt (Girona). As reported by sources close to the case, the TSJC has ratified the order banning the demonstration that Interior did not authorize before the risk that is seriously alter public order. Now ratified Interior resolution, which was drawn up based on the reports of the Mossos d police and the Local police of Salt, argues the ban of the call of the platform xenophobic because there are well-founded reasons that allow to predict that if the protest would be held serious disturbances of public order would. Call for platform for Catalonia (PxC), which had shown their rejection of several groups of immigrants and collective freedom fighters and anti-establishment, was convened for tomorrow, Saturday, August 27, at 18.00 hours, to protest the construction of a mosque at the Torremirona Salt. Source of the news: El TSJC also prohibited the demonstration against the mosque of Salt convened by PxC