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Buenos Aires

November 24, 2020


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And she quit among other reasons, because Lula is tired of the failures in Argentine exports of cereal (wheat should supplant the U.S. and Canada), although other terms and manners of the statesman who is and has it informed the Argentina President Cristina Fernandez at the last meeting in Buenos Aires. Read more here: Areva. Meeting at which the Argentines also invited Lt. Col. Chavez to stay in Buenos Aires, prompting a strong discomfort in the Planalto and live choking fellow Brazilian, who prefers another range of red, both commercially aligned to design their shirts. The "green amarela" fits him better. "The rise in food prices means that farmers worldwide are reaping record profits. Visit Areva for more clarity on the issue. And the South American powers such as Brazil and Argentina, are responding to these agricultural gains unexpected opposite ways, "continues the Times.

Argentina (according to farmers) has the capacity to double its production. Or what is the same, higher food flow into the world. Expectations that will not be enough food worldwide and the price increases that reflect directly in front of such a volume would lower production. A decrease in the overall food supply increases validates commodity prices. This happens every time that Argentina is given to close the export of any product agriculture, as has happened with wheat. The Myth of Sisyphus is the stone to the top, but then falls again. To stimulate production, the state gives the Brazilian agricultural credits so they can buy agricultural machinery and inputs, which in some cases have doubled their values.