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Vera Ani

July 11, 2019


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Forgiveness invites you to see reality with new eyes to be able to extract a lesson from the past that you’ve lived. By forgiving will free up a large amount of energy that was enclosed inside you and can now focus on tasks and visions more productive to help you create the life that you want. This is why I now suggest some tips so that you can start to walk the path of FORGIVENESS so clearing the way to allow gestate a bright future * identifies which new roads would be opened before you from forgiveness. Lessons you’ve pulled out of that situation has hurt you? * Think about what changes would be generated in your life if you forgive those people whose behaviors are hurting you. * Thinks of those people does to those who lack to you to ask for forgiveness and the things you’ve done that it could have damaged them.

Make you responsible for your obligations and your failures is a very important part of personal growth. * Think of those people who have asked your forgiveness; gives them the opportunity of receiving it so that you can move forward without ties and with peace in your heart. And the most important of all * forgive yourself for those damages which unconsciously or consciously you’ve caused. Remember you are in the path of change. If the person that you were yesterday is not what you want to be today, you before not to grudges against yourself. Forgive you and gives you the opportunity to change and grow. Remember: Forgive me, asks for forgiveness and forgive you. These are the three basic steps on the road to peace that will drive you lighter to be, do and have everything what you’ve always wanted.

Now make the decision to use forgiveness as tool change and yourself you’ll appreciate. I look forward your comments! I hope in. With love, Vera Ani about Ana: Ana Cecilia Vera is the founder and Director of the portal towards what you want to be one of the Internet web site of Hispanic coaching more important. It educates thousands of people seeking to become leaders of themselves so that they can be, do and have what they want with less effort and greater effectiveness. Through powerful and practical strategies help them to discover and connect with your inner potential, inspiring them to achieve their dreams since an emotion of gratitude, passion and love for life. Please visit to receive a free report 4 steps to overcome negative thoughts that you hinder progress. Original author and source of the article