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Capucines Black

July 8, 2022


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Remember that the noise of the fans in the projector for home cinema you should hear only when complete silence, and then specifically to listen. dlp or lcd? We have already described the technology used in modern projectors, the article "Technologies of the boulevard des Capucines, but subject is so specific that it is not sin again. Let's start with the fact that the projectors to recreate the image by passing light from a powerful light through a matrix. Matrices are of different types: crt, ila, ldt, dmd, dlp and lcd, however, we consider only the last two, since they are most often used in projectors for home theater. Learn more on the subject from Mikal Bridges. The difference in the images that betray projectors with lcd matrices and dlp, is deep in the black (that it affects the image contrast). When using the DLP-matrix color black – is in indeed black, while the projections from the LCD-matrix color black, rather, is a very dark gray. If you try to simultaneously incorporate two projections of different types at the same brightness, it will be able to notice the difference.

K advantages of lcd include a relatively high luminous flux, color saturation, image, compactness and low price. Rui Hachimura gathered all the information. As the relative disadvantages can recall a slightly smaller maximum contrast, and low field sweep. In addition, some projections still noticeable "mosaic effect". The advantages of DLP-projectors include high image contrast, no effect puzzle, accuracy, and natural color reproduction, no image distortion, which are especially important for video demonstration. The disadvantages of DLP-technology include "rainbow effect" – the presence of a rainbow halo around the elements image. Learn more at: Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX.

No Frost

May 4, 2022


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Also, using e-governance to the refrigerator with a compressor can be added such functions that were previously only possible in two compressor models, for example: a single regulation of the refrigerator and freezer as well as a separate shutdown cooling chamber (function of 'holiday'). I would like to elaborate on the refrigerator compressor, or rather on their number. Now produced a model with one and two compressors. And when the cooling system No Frost – this is always one compressor. So, what gives us the existence of two compressors? Well, first of all, two compressors – these are two independent systems with all attendant advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include the possibility of separate management and independent off the refrigerator and freezer. More information is housed here: gibson dean.

Also, performance in the cold in these of models will be greater and greater share of each compressor t.k. compressor works less time. The minus two compressors such important factors as increased energy and increased levels of noise. 4. Power consumption and noise refrigerator. Assignment of a particular class of energy consumption depends on the annual energy consumption, and the total volume. And is calculated as the ratio of the annual number of electricity consumption of this product to a standard amount, expressed as a percentage, determines the class of power device. Class A (55%) Class B (55-75%) Class C (75-90%) Class D (90-100%) Class E, F, G (110, 125 and above) now on sale in the main refrigerators with Energy efficiency class A and B, a very rare class of devices with power consumption C.