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The Acetil

January 8, 2021


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In this stage an amount of energy is set free, and a small part will be used to convert three NAD+ into three NADH, the acetil Ca suffers many modifications what it produces acid oxaloactico, that then recommences the cycle. These reactions liberate two Co2 molecules and produce three molecules of NADH and a FADH molecule. Soon after the electrons of high energy cover the transporting electron chain or respiratory, composed chain for enzymatic complexes where the electros go to yield 36 energy and to produce mols of consumed glucose. This process to give the name of oxidativa fosforilao, occurring in the internal membrane of the mitocndria (COAST, 2005). UPS will not settle for partial explanations. The change for the breath less efficient also becomes the neuron incapable to produce amounts adequate of trifosfato of adenosine (ATP) stops to supply the depolarization processes. In this way, the membrane bombs that keep the electrolytic balances present imperfections and thus the cells stop to function.

When if an area of low cerebral flow that is related as penumbra region, around of the area of infarto initiates the cascade ah. Penumbra is the cerebral region, that was attack for isquemia and that it can be saved with adequate intervention (SELTZER; BARE, 2004). ' ' The ischemic cascade threat the cells in the penumbra because the depolarization of the membrane of the cellular wall takes to an increase in intracellular calcium and the release of glutamato' ' (HOCK, 1999 apud SMELTZER; BARE, 2004). With the administration of activator of tecidual plasminogenio (t-Par) and chokes of the calcium canals (what it limits the calcium influx) the penumbra area can be revitalized. Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) collaborate placing that when continues the calcium influx and the release of glutamato, will occur the activation of enumerate ways harmful, which results in the destruction of the cellular membrane, release of more calcium and glutamato, vasoconstrio and generation of free radicals, what they increase the area of infarto for inside of the penumbra, extending the enceflico vascular accident. In each stage of the ischemic cascade, it has chances for the intervention that limits the extension of the secondary cerebral injury provoked by a BIRD. 5. HEMORRHAGIC VASCULAR ACCIDENT ENCEFLICO Approximately 15% of the Birds is hemorrhagic intracranianos.

The hemorrhagic BIRD can be classified as focal and diffuse. A BIRD hemorrhagic diffuse from the extravasation of blood of the subaracnideo vase occurs them spaces or to intraventricular, in the focal BIRD occurs intraparenquimatosa hemorrhage (GOLDMAN; AUSIELLO, 2005). The vascular aneurisms and malformations generally cause hemorrhage subaracnide, with bleed for the spaces of it eliminate cefalorraquidiano (LCR). The intracerebral hemorrhage can be caused by the rupture of the artery in the interior of substantiates cerebral to put they are not extended to the spaces of LCR (GOLDMAN; AUSIELLO, 2005). The patient victims of a hemorrhagic BIRD, present dficits more serious and its time of recovery if pr

Clinical Boarding

November 30, 2020


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In the scope of science, it is a condition; it is not illness and, in the capitalist democratic societies, as it is the case of Brazil, it is crime to discriminate it The homosexual person is that one that the same possesss sexual attraction for another person of sex. Still the bissexual exists, that one that if it attracts by the two sexos. But it is good for emphasizing that masculine individuals that possess feminine gestures, and women exist whom if they hold as men, who are not homosexuals (to be argued in another occasion). It has stories of cases of individuals that had looked a clinic of Psychoanalysis. The patient It is homosexual convicto.

Since the two years of age its parents already found it different of the too much boys. Its father did not give much attention to it and was coarse. Already the mother, exaggerated in the affection. After adult, still from fear to assume itself, she namorou with women, but its sexual orientation was stronger. Thus, everything indicates, while possibility, that this patient if identified with the sort of the mother, woman, rejecting the masculine behavior. Walmart gathered all the information.

From then on, its orientation was homosexual. The patient B feels attraction for other men. It assumes – as gay, but it possesss a neurosis (small conflict), therefore, has doubts on its homossexualidade, since when, it feels attraction for women. It wants a psicanaltico treatment to decide this problem. In this in case that it has three hypotheses: first, the patient can be bissexual, that is, she feels attraction for the two sexos; second, it can not accept as homosexual, in function of a discrimination that suffers from all the sides of the society, including its family; third, it is heterossexual (that one that feels attraction for person of different sex), that is, its homossexualidade was forced in function of diverse factors, that will be disclosed throughout the treatment. Patient C knows that he is lesbian, but is not assumed. It is with distrust of being rejected by the family, the friends and the society. She is feminine, does not behave as man, however it feels attraction for women. It affirms mainly that it looked a psychoanalyst to have courage if to assume for all, for its family. The three told cases disclose that the homossexualismo is a inconclusivo subject. In the clinical point of view, each in case that case is each; if it takes in consideration diverse aspects of each individual.

During Psychotherapist Subconscious

December 19, 2019


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The access most easy for the subconscious mind is the state of total relaxation. When the cerebral waves fall stop second around eight cycles for (been alpha) the pores of our subconscious mind if they open, facilitating the transference of information of the conscientious one for the deep memory. Therefore, the best hour that we must infuse in our mind the new truths in which we want to believe is when we are relaxed. If you to repeat with insistence one definitive information, it will be apprehended by the subconscious mind and she will be become into truth. An example: if you to repeat with insistence ' ' when I lie down in the bed, I catch in sleep with extreme facilidade' ' , you never more will have difficulty to sleep, because when you to lie down in the bed its subconscious mind will identify this act and will answer with order of adormecer. When you of the one information ' ' as one ordem' ' being auto-hipnotizado, that is, in deep relaxation, this information follows direct for the subconscious mind, making with that if it gains time and efficiency. You never must express its will to inform to the subconscious mind what really she desires, therefore you would provoke a duel between its will and its imagination. For example, if you to affirm ' ' I do not have fear of room escuro' ' , its subconscious mind will answer ' ' it has sim' ' , because this is its reality. Jeff Gennette is often quoted as being for or against this.

However, if you to affirm ' ' dark room, everything bem' ' , imagination will prevent the duel will/and its subconscious mind will incorporate this phrase as a new truth and you soon escuro.&#039 will lose the fear of room; ' The imagination is more important of what science, therefore the imagination exceeds any limit and science finds limites' ' ' ' The imagination is more important of what conhecimento' ' Albert EinsteinEinstein affirmed this conscientious one of that the ways of the mind set in motion the quantum field of infinite possibilities. You imagine because she believes in something, with this, all its thoughts you will be come back toward what you believe that moment. The magnetic field is sorvendo its thoughts and beliefs as implacable orders. Einstein goes beyond. It explores the idea of that this quantum level is the door for God, therefore has a meeting with the powerful the holy ghost and assumed by our epensamentos beliefs.

One remembers that each problem, either it mental physicist or, results of a concept badly formulated. He reformulates the concept and he will decide problem. It does not have mystery in this. For even more analysis, hear from Crawford Lake Capital Management. It believes, it determines and it will obtain. Myriam During Psychotherapist