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Basic Structural Characteristics

July 24, 2019


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The basic structure of the vibrating mill is composed of the mill simplified exciter, spring and the motor drive support. (1) simplified mill. Which Can be designed into a single simplified, dual-and tri-simplified simplified. Western Union is actively involved in the matter. the dual-simplified and simplified in Our country is the more common. To protect the cylinder from the high-frequency impact of the abrasive vibrating mill Simplified set the village board, usually a larger volume of industrial production, the form of liner within the tube is fixed at the mill outside the tube, when the long-term grinding produces the inner cylinder wear, we can replace the liner to avoid the damage to the outer tube.

the simplified material Inside and outside usually adopted the 16 Mn quality seamless. (2) the exciter. the exciter is obtained by adjusting the Required amplitude of vibration mill. It is a total of four eccentric blocks by the two groups that are installed on the spindle, the adjustment of the eccentric block 00 N1800 range, adjust the eccentric block the opening to determine the size of the amplitude, the overall amplitude is 4 6 mm, is up 15 mm. (3) the spring supported.

Spring of various forms and a variety of materials (such as steel springs, air springs, etc.), it is elastic support device of the mill which should have a high wear resistance.The steel spring usually made of the material of 60SiMn. (4) the coupling. To protect the motor from the high-frequency vibration, the general use is the flexible coupling. It transmits power to the mill proper and efficient work, which play the role of forks and isolating from the engine. Characteristics: (l) medium grinding filling rate is up to 65% or more, the vibration frequency is generally 1000-1, 500 r / min, grated fine grain size, great the Simplified unit volume production capacity. (2) without the use of the grading machine for closed circuit grinding, production process is greatly simplified. (3) high grinding efficiency. Under the same conditions as feeding the nature and size, that to achieve the same degree of fineness required for vibrating mill grinding time is only a ball mill 1/16 1/20. (4) certain materials can be ground to higher fineness, such as wollastonite Picado pipes Picado ground feed fineness of? 10 mm, the product particle size of up to 400 mesh, 90% of production capacity for 3_4 t / h (5) units of low energy consumption, energy saving, such as the grinding of cement products to 0 088 mm, 92% sifted. (6) simple structure, low manufacturing cost. (7) compared to the other mill, it is volume is 10 times more than the volume of the ball mill. (8) flexible grinding process layout can be thousands of style, wet, continuity and intermittent grinding, layout of four kinds: the intermittent dry crushed consecutive dry type grinding, wet grinding, wet crushed continuous intermittent. (9) by adjusting the vibration amplitude, frequency, media type, proportion and particle size for fine grinding and ultrafine grinding, we can produce a variety of different particle size and particle size composition of products. (10) grinding Simplified is good for the closing and to facilitate ultra-low temperature grinding, especially for the grinding of flammable, explosive, and other solid materials.