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Art In Society

February 3, 2021


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In this reflection it is interesting to detach that in the Cities, the art to manage has pointed out the great necessity of if becoming known, in its purpose while federative instance, so that its controllers, secretaries and excessively serving public can canalize its efforts where the Cities are considered legitimate by the society. The rationality in the term of office of public organizations must leave the reckless scope and if expand as form to take care of the expectations of the society, in the direction most tonic of the word creativity, therefore he is mere bizarro the higher stages of appeal to believe that to transfer income it is to finish with the misery. Many times the income is not main necessity, and yes an activity that can dignify the citizen, a group who can improve the condition of the environment, in the community, at last, is more easy to cover the sun with the bolter. However, to demystify these concepts is to face a bonapartista culture that does not deny personal profits and politicians. For more clarity and thought, follow up with COSCO and gain more knowledge.. In this platform of relation institucional politics between the three instances it is necessary to trace degrees of efficiency and effectiveness, therefore to conquer the society and to extend generating it conditions where the development must be the apex of the term of office. In real terms, what we can witness is the mark of the assistencialismo invigorating until the present in all the areas of the public politics of form to transfer statisticians from distant data of the reality of the Cities. If we could implant a system of innovation in the municipal management, where the data repassed to the governments state/federal were to serve of local diagnosis in the data base of the City and this to manage form resources to really take care of the necessities of the local population, we would have a quality of life printed in the cantos quatros of the country. Today the biggest problem faced in the performance of the local development it is the shunting line of public resources where the axle of the corruption if makes and undoes in the most imponent managing agencies of the social politics and the resources necessary to provide an efficient management are only in the egoistic pocket of the ideologies of the mandators of this such democracy..

New Constitutional Order

June 17, 2012


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The new constitutional order: the city and mayor Riberti de Almeida Felisbino Doctor in Social Sciences for the Federal University of Are Carlos. He was professor and researcher of the Foundation University of the Tocantins and currently is researcher associated with the So Paulo State University, Araraquara-SP campus. Electronic address:. Summary: The text argues the city and head of the local executive, the mayor, under gide of the Lege Majore (Federal Constitution) promulgated in 05 of October of 1988, inaugurating what the social scientists had called new Republic. The organization and the functioning of the municipal governments try the bloom of the public spirit, the vocation for the life politics (It hisses, 1995, P. 30).

The mayor is not a mere employee, but the elect representative for the local population to manage the municipal businesses (Mountain range, 1997, P. 28). The Brazilian cities, since 1824 up to 1988, had passed for a readjustment process politics, administrative and economic of its institutions. The current position of the cities is well diverse of that they had occupied in the previous arrangements constitutional. Compared with the one of the period of 1946 the 1964, the municipal autonomy in the current democratic system passed to be exerted of right and in fact in the local administrations. Before the promulgation of the Federal Constitution of 1988, Brazil was constituted of the union of the States, the Federal District and the territories. The cities were not qualified as members of the Federacy. The Great Letter of 1988 represented a landmark in the decentralization process politics in Brazil, when recognizing the cities as beings of the Federacy and when attributing to them bigger abilities. In the first article of the current Federal Constitution the desire of the constituent with regard to the formation of the Brazilian nation can be observed: ' ' The Federative Republic of Brazil, formed for the indissolvable union of the States and cities and the Federal District, consists in Democratic State of Right (…) ' ' (Federal Constitution, 1988, art.