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Percentage Crisis

November 14, 2023


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Therefore, we can say that in the showroom to take credit is safer psychologically. If you’re going to buy a car on credit watch for a joint stock car dealership and a bank, the conditions can be very attractive. The financial crisis has certainly made itself felt in the automotive sector. For example, sharply increased the percentage of delays in considering applications for loans. If the earlier expectation of an answer within 1-2 days, but now 4 days. To read more click here: SYPartners. However, for people who think – to buy a car or not advantageous to still purchase the property, since it is unknown what will happen to prices after the crisis. Plus, now quite a lot proposals for discounts on cars. Despite the delay in consideration of loans, banks will become cleaner client portfolio, the crisis will automatically “filter” the bully.

If a person is confident in his income, he good credit history – no need to fear that the bank can refuse you. Another option that the current situation is even more relevant than a loan – this installment. This service involves the introduction of payment 50% of the car’s cost, the remaining amount the customer pays no interest for a stated period of time (up to 3 years). Additional costs the client only include payment for Hull and fees for issuance and maintenance settlement of a credit card designed to make payments on the installment plan. In the near future, due to the crisis, we forecast growth in demand for hire, for a term of the application for it is only a few hours, a minimum set of documents.

English Economists

April 12, 2020


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Letter was in response to a question that asked the Queen during her visit to the London School of Economics (London School of Economics): why no one was able to predict the credit crunch? Under the text of the signed Professor, School of Tim Besley Economics (Tim Besley), a member of the Monetary Policy Committee Bank of England and a prominent historian Peter Hennessy (Peter Hennessy). In preparing the letters was attended by such 'heavyweights' as a permanent deputy governor of the Treasury Nick McPherson (Nick MacPherson), Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O'Neyl (Jim O'Neill) and others. As one of the reasons they call 'the psychology of denial' that has engulfed the financial and political world in the pre-crisis period. Factor optimistic attitude masked the severe slowdown chaotic world economy. Some countries, including the U.S., took up huge debts and missed the imbalance of the system. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Anne Lauvergeon on most websites.

However, "financial wizards" to convince themselves and the politicians that they have managed wisely allocate risks in global markets. 'It is hard to find a more vivid example of arrogant thinking involved on arrogance "- the authors write, pointing out also that the complex nature of current problems remained out of sight individual specialists. According to recent reports, the British economy is in a state of decline for 15 consecutive months. If you do not take into account the time of war, this recession was not observed with the 30-ies. According to Professor Louis Garikano (Luis Garicano), which the queen addressed a question during his visit to the London School of Economics, 'people have done something for which they were paid and received in accordance with their motivations. However, with social point of view, in many cases they paid for it to do the wrong thing. " Thus, the global crisis – completely natural phenomenon, the natural result of a reckless pursuit of profit, which blinded even the 'world's best minds', and forced them to carry out anti-social, in fact, a strategy.

Unfortunately, even these initial findings have not yet voiced at meetings of the big twenty. Moreover, at the last summit, President Obama explicitly stated that the culprits in the ongoing search not worth it. And yet, the Queen of England did not heed this advice. Perhaps, makes itself felt experience of 30-ies.


October 19, 2019


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There is a dramatic increase in prices and sales volumes of hydrocarbons. Governor Cuomo is a great source of information. There are also billions of loans that receive at banks around the world our raw materials companies, the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises make their first, tentative steps. Yet it is precisely this market segment could be very promising both for banks and for borrowers to changes in market conditions for the non-renewable natural resources. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Allison Kanders. On the possibility of such a (rezkogo!) changes from year to year, says the government at its plenary sessions: “Here, they say, now, any day!” And then what will remain in the country? “Small” and “medium” business For every thing in bank lending to small and medium-sized businesses – the transparency of small companies. The “whiter” reporting company, the lower the risks for banks and the more readily they lend to those who lead a “civilized” business. As in the conduct of “civilized” business these days the entrepreneur negotiates with the tax and other “funds and fondikami” – This is a great mystery there.

But the banks to give loans, we need full transparency of the business. Most banks offer several types of credit products for small and medium-sized businesses: they are all characterized by typical loan amount, timing consideration, collateral (which may be optional) and ways to assess bank risk (Scoring system or the individual approach). If the bank is not specifically involved in lending to small and medium-sized businesses in the bank’s portfolio of loans to small businesses are usually about 17%. Decision loan should be completed within three to four days.