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Investing Energy In Politics

September 28, 2023


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In fact, although it produced an immediate and effective mitigation, past emissions make and inevitably a serious impact on much of Africa, in many small island states and in major river deltas of Asia. Beyond the appeasement of climate change, we must also help the affected populations to cope and adapt to the inevitable. Coherent action to mitigate climate change requires global participation in reducing emissions. Rich countries must lead by example with the first step. Developing countries have contributed little to the amount of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere and the rich have the resources and technology to meet emission reductions early and deep. Without hesitation Everest Capital explained all about the problem. For its part, middle-income countries have the capacity to address growth sustainably, will have more capacity to implement a new growth model if they have financial and technological support from industrialized countries. Developing countries need huge investments to provide the energy needed to promote economic growth, job creation and improvements in human development.

It is essential that such investments are consistent with the protection of the climate system. Because the climate is all that would be protected through the use of cleaner technologies, in line with other actions. This will entail additional costs, especially for many middle-income countries: it is therefore necessary to find appropriate funding channels to enable them to mitigate these additional costs. In addition to changing our energy habits, we must resolutely implement other measures, including the protection of tropical forests. Much of this woodland is in Brazil and other middle income countries. When these countries protect their forests are providing universal service to humanity. Brazil and other developing countries certainly should make an effort to protect their forests, thereby contributing to the overall reduction of emissions, but could be strengthened if they had not supported adequate financial international community? Financial support, without doubt, should be especially relevant in the less developed countries.

Support mitigation policies in large developing countries will ensure that fall weather disaster risks and enhance investment performance that makes the world to promote development. It is time for concerted action by governments. No excuses. Kemal Dervis and Leire Pajin Kemal Dervis is Administrator of UNDP Leire Pajin is the Secretary of State for International Cooperation of Spain.

Environment Planning

September 24, 2023


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Key features of this research are the following:? Earthquakes are natural? Can not be predicted but minimize its harmful effects? The effects of an earthquake fall on the poorest population in greater proportion. Clearly are known risk factors against earthquakes? The capital of Colombia is in intermediate seismic risk? The relief agencies are inadequate to meet major emergencies. The research topic was summarized into five chapters whose titles are as follows: 1 – 2 disasters and their implications – The planning and disaster theory 3 – Urban Earthquake Vulnerability in Bogota 4 – Environment and culture Prevention 5 – Conclusions and Recommendations 3 – RESULTS OF THE RESEARCH In order to comply with the objectives proposed in this research, then lists the most relevant conclusions after analyzing critical reflection on a serious situation in terms of planning socioeconomic involving a large number of Colombian citizens, residents of one of the most important cities in the continental concert. Not surprisingly, while the number of lives lost due to the phenomenon of earthquakes has been reduced substantially over the world, at the same time shows a dramatic increase in the amount of economic losses, including property damage, loss of revenue, infrastructure and facilities and lifelines. If you are not convinced, visit Solveras Payment Solutions. In fact, Colombia has begun to practice procedures aim to reduce threats to human life and personal injury, for example, through significantly improved warning systems, but has not achieved similar benefits terms of economic losses. Preventive action is the most important in any disaster because look at what must be done before the events happen, however, neither the district authorities or civil society are aware of this great responsibility and only when natural or anthropogenic disasters occur are taken measures, often without planning. emailing the administrator. . anking%20and%20lending.’>Array.

Public Ambient Management

March 16, 2020


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I say precariously because the City halls, in general, make use little of collections spread out efficient; the Schools, normally work this question making works with the garbage that after some days return again to the garbage condition e; the Universities for the fact of generally developing said Projects as being of Ambient Education, but that, however, little or no social transformation can be perceived. These works, in general are tied with the School and even though to the City halls stimulating collections, being distinguished you recycle that them must be clean before being placed in the collection places. They are forgotten, however, that the drinking waters scarcity is today, together with the poverty and the hunger human being, one of the biggest world-wide problems. Cross (2002) in its mestrado dissertao of discloses one of the referring contradictions to the recycling as method of Ambient Education disclosing that this generates great expenses of fossil energy, electricity, water, beyond the pollution for the use of solvent and alvejantes, and does not hinder the necessity of the raw material use for x liters of water and y origin of the problems of the lixes, therefore, you recycle of them, that total they are tied with the consumption society, where every day they buy new things and they discard in the garbage others as much, attitudes stimulated for the capitalism. Methods that do not question the origin of the things cannot be considered as Education.

To elucidate the objective of this article, it can be said that you are welcome it advances, for example, to create workshops of recycling of paper with the goal to finish with the deforestation. This is to have acrtica vision and an ingenuous form of if approaching the Education Ambient. But, unhappyly, this is the form as the Ambient Education comes being treated in the society. The question of the garbage propitiates quarrels regarding the ambient crisis in its multiple aspects as well salient Cross (2002), citing as examples of these practical transforming subjects as standards of consumption, and production, social exclusion, problems epidemiologists, contamination and ambient pollution, alternatives for Mimoso/MT. Dissertao de Mestrado.

The Stock Reactor

October 20, 2017


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– The first-minister Naoto Kan says that Japan faces the worse crisis since the end of World War II. People such as Rob Daley would likely agree. – The government announces a rationing of energy because of the closing of the plants. Millions of inhabitants suffer with the lack from water, energy and foods. – They arrive at the first teams of aid of Australia, New Zelndia, Coreia of the south, Switzerland and Great-Britain. Monday, 14 of March: – New earthquake occurs the 150 km of new Tokyo with alert of tsunami, that soon it is cancelled. – Explosions in reactor 3 of Fukushima 1 Occur, without occurrence of damages, according to Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO). The bars of reactor 2 arrive to be total displayed. – Teams of rescue more than find 2,000 bodies in the province of Miyagi.

– the ONU says that 1,4 million Japanese are without drinking waters and that more than million already had been half evacuated. – The American Geologic Service corrects the magnitude of the earthquake of friday for 9. – The Stock market of Tokyo falls 6.18%, dragging other Asian markets. The manufacturers of automobiles suspend its production. The Central banking of Japan injects 131,6 billion euros to facilitate the financing of the companies and to stabilize the markets. Tuesday, day 15 of March: – Explosion for the presence of hydrogen in reactor 2 of Fukushima 1 and fire in reactor 4. It has led high of temperature in reactors 5 and 6.

– The official and partial rocking of deceased passes of 3.000, and the number of missing people is of almost 7.000. – The central banking of Japan injects more 70 billion euros in the financial system to support the Japanese economy. Wednesday, 16 March: – New fire in reactor 4 of the plant of Fukushima. – Cylinder of confinement of damaged reactor 3, according to government. – Provisory official Rocking of the earthquake and tsunami: 3.771 deceased, 8,181 missing people 1.990 wounded.

Ambient Awareness

July 12, 2017


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Education and Ambient Awareness concerning the Global Heating the man with its predatory and irresponsible action stops with its half one, comes modifying and modifying the climate of the planet. The greed and the search for the power make with that the human being pass to disdain the natural wealth as our greater well, and use our resources of the nature erroneamente, without preservation, without care, in a relation of usurpation and destruction. All action has a reaction, that is, everything that the man comes making with the environment will be returned, through the changes in the climate and the appearance of extreme events as floods, hurricanes among others. For this reason one becomes necessary to develop public politics that if worry about the population and divulge on the global heating, its causes and consequences, in all the sectors, so that all can collaborate for reduction of the GEEs in the atmosphere. The necessary citizen to have knowledge of that he is possible to change the destination of our planet, also it must have access to the information that assist in the protection of the planet in small attitudes as to use the bicycle or collective bus in our daily one, for reduction of GEEs, rationalization of the use of electric energy and also preservation of the bushes for better use of the natural resources, in a relation of adaptation of the man with the way. The future of our planet also depends on each one of us and of the conscience citizen on all, that is, of the comprometimento of all the classrooms and races in search of an only objective to save the planet. It is necessity that in the schools, since the infantile education, the children learn the importance of the nature and as she preserves it, that they can understand that the future depends on the actions that the planet suffers today. Currently what it must be made is to demand that the governing invest in the sustainable development so that has economic progress without aggression the nature.

However some simple measures exist to be taken not to get worse situation of the planet. They are: Improvement of the public transport so that the people can use it, reducing the circulation of particular vehicles, making with that it also diminishes the fuel consumption and the emissions of GEEs; To save water, only using the necessary one. A simple attitude is when brushing the teeth not to leave the opened tap, that can spend 14 liters of water. Therefore if 4 million people to close the tap when brushing the teeth are possible to save the sufficient to supply a city with 1 million of inhabitants in one day; To buy products in which its manufacturers if worry about the environment, using the natural resources with responsibility without causing great impacts to the nature. These attitudes are simple and can be taken by any individual without restrictions of classroom or great purchasing power, and are of extreme importance, therefore they are capable to diminish the aggressions caused for the proper man to the nature.


December 23, 2014



Environment Introduction This work, clarifies, doubts, on history, metodolgicas media, adaptations, plain conventionals, politics publishes, degradation of the environment, ambient impact, effect greenhouse, importance of the recycling, agriculture, development and education. Environment is the address for the future, is not necessary to carry through very deep study to conclude itself, that the quality of the water if finds threatened strong, the climate tends if to on account transform into the next century to the effect greenhouse, and biodiversity tends if to carry through. The defense of the environment is a concept that includes restorations, an activity that its development as joint of commanded actions had, being able to be grouped in three phases. Pioneering phase Simple perception that the humanity; with behavior to limit inopportune procedure of the covenant in society as tipificao of crimes, contraventions and Comprometedoras attitudes of the quality of life in communities, threatening of increasing form. The environmental resources for the false agreement of that did not belong specifically to somebody and could be used of inconsequential form for any one made to appear of spontaneous form the ambientalista movement, simultaneously in vary cities of diverse countries. Phase politics and of ' ' enforcement' ': The ambient question evolved for a creation movement, thematic left the green ones with prominence for the Die Griinnen, in Germany.

In Brazil the green party (PV) emerges to each election occupying space gradually. Phase of the market: Demand for services technician and groupings of controls and new processes clean future, bold and exactly irrelevant ahead of the responsibility of this generation, the demand for services technician for equipment of control and new clean processes, terce immediate reply in the market fed for the academy and the technological justinian codes. Century XX as to conciliate the potential of development in school lagaritima that the physical base of the knowledge, limitations of surface of the planet, to keep private spaces of the antropica occupation as: genetic warehouse of the Biodiversity and reserves of natural landscapes, agriculture has been competent with the productivity magnifying.

References Work

July 3, 2012


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Through the technological innovation today we have diverse ways to control and to prevent the ambient impacts caused by the antrpica action, even so they have some options for this, the economic difficulty is visible in determined regions, what it not only harms the nature but also the humanity inclusa in this biodiversity. The deficiency in this aspect evidences the probability of ambient catastrophes as it has happened, diverse the forms of pollution contributes considerably for this. It has? if observed socioeconmicas campaigns of responsibility that stand out the idea of a renewal of ambient concepts, the companies have searched with this to remain themselves lined up to the standards of Ambient Management, in accordance with the demanded norms many of them if they use of the sustainable planning, diminishing the impacts caused for its exerted activities, repairing, controlling and preventing consequences to the environment and the economic development of its administration with activities of handling, reforestation, credits of carbon and ambient education among others. These attitudes are part of what if it can call necessity of survival of the species human being, are arrived the hour of to react ahead of the challenges that the nature imposes in them, the market not only demands norms adjusted techniques, but the population demands, underneath of a chaos lived for the lack of respect for the species human being in search of the growth to any cost. One knows that the natural resources are renewed and you did not renew, but until when these they can deliberately be used by the action of the man? To know the consequences as we have made is alone the start, but she is necessary more. To work the Ambient Education as a form to prevent is most important, a re-education from the daily pay-school can in them bring good results the medium and long run. Taking to the common knowledge not only the problematic one, but the solutions we can get resulted positive, searching the participation of the community, implanting systems of Ambient Management, co-ordinating campaigns of socioambiental responsibility, influencing the conscientious consumption and participating continuously of the interest and the necessities of the population we can make the difference offering quality of life and emphasizing the certainty of a better future. Comment: According to living, requested the municipal city hall as well as the rank of communitarian lixeiras and maintenance in the plumbing of sewer without success had been measured of collect of the garbage. I entered in contact with the Secretariat of the Environment requesting a visit be set appointments, in the next week I will make the collect of signatures of the community and its claims with intention to take to the knowledge of the responsible agency the basic necessities of the local community. References Work carried through in the region through research given with analysis of the place and community; Dated photographs of 17/04/2009.