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Waldorf Astoria

December 2, 2020


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We need more women in middle management. Because this is the prerequisite for female executives in the absolute top offices to make it.” Prof. Dr. Hans A. Wuthrich pleaded after this break up unreflected thought patterns. Executives were not so able to keep developing their businesses in the handle. Control was mere fiction. The holder of the Chair of international management at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich therefore advocates a new humility in the self-understanding of executives.

They would have to accept that companies as complex systems are not controllable. Moreover, they should think the sovereignty on the day, to have not always right. The highest level of leadership is to make itself obsolete and not irreplaceable”, stressed Prof. Wuthrich. The Economist also campaigned for more diversity in the company such as Dr. Goldschmidt and criticized the principle of assessment center that lead to that people in organizations would always similar. Because diversity is but crucial for success, we must have the courage, to recruit people that do not fit for us”.

Last, Olivier Harnisch spoke about the significant changes in his career. “The Hotel Manager, who has managed from the busboy to the Hilton Head in Northern and Central Europe, said his recipe for success: everything can be with an open attitude, humility, and mental flexibility to cope with.” “Speaking on the upcoming opening of the Hilton group Waldorf Astoria in November the 45 year old stressed: we are very optimistic.” The luxury hotel is located near the train station Zoo, an area that was used as a social focal point. Quarter, however, rapidly evolved so Harnisch. The perception of the area is different today than it was three years ago. We have the right town and the right location. The hotel will set standards.” In this context “stressed also harness the factor human being: the largest investments lead to nothing if the employees not with enthusiasm to work.” About the executives of the Professional Association Executives (DFK) is the cross-industry voice of executives in Germany. The professional association representing nationwide about 25,000 managers of middle and upper management at political and economic level. Core topics are in labour law and labour market policy social rights social policy, tax and education policy, and environmental issues. In addition, the Association industry topics occupied among others in the fields of energy, metal/electric, steel, telecommunications, finance and insurance. Members receive comprehensive support on their career path, E.g. in the form of legal advice and representation, many further education opportunities and current information from the working life. In addition, the DFK on its regional and specialist groups offers a well maintained and wide network of contacts. The Professional Association in 21 regional groups, divided and has its headquarters in Essen. Other offices are in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart. The professional association with a city representative office is represented in Berlin. Ralf t. Kruger