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June 7, 2022


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Some believe that we only have free discretion and then we can do whatever we want without having consequences. If you would like to know more then you should visit dean gibson. However we need only observe the world to perceive what wrong that are. Everest Capital has much to offer in this field. This orgy that threatens the planet is, precisely, derived from that:-No, I have free discretion! That if I do what I want. Yo, yo, yo!, don’t need anyone! Not I owe anything to anyone! I’m worth me by myself (or my own). What I want is to know of my. I, me, me! the others don’t matter me!.

As if what happens to others does not affect me. My brother, is that you should not anything anyone? And you, my sister? Ah! Eh! So, let’s see: the clothes that you wear was not made for you rarely, people made their own clothes. Only if they are seamstresses or tailors. Even so, and tissue? And the buttons? They were not made by them. They come from some factory, a small, medium or large company. And the toothpaste? And the brush? And more: the vegetables? The rice? Did you perhaps go who planted them, my brother? WAST thou, my sister? We need, urgently, to collapse society of the lonely man to do arise in society the supportive man.

Recalling the maxim of Zarur, that reconciles determinism and free will, says the great poet and preacher: the divine law, judging the past of men, peoples and Nations, determines them the future. He joined the free discretion of the human creature to be measured by God (divine law, judging the past of men, peoples and Nations) to the resulting determinism of our good or bad acts (determines them the future). Hence arises the (very different from fatalism) determinism, although not as something random, like a flying bomb that we do not know where will fall, a decision of a mad God, who suddenly decides to split gifts and torture between terrestrial or celestial beings, as his mind alienated.

Football Coach

July 8, 2018


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Coach classes: various studies by psychologists and other specialists have established that there are 3 types of coaches depending on your personality. 1) PRAGMATIC AUTHORITARIAN. Features:-I command and control. -Only he cares about winning. -It is the only one that makes the decisions. -The player is limited to listening, assimilate and fulfill what is asked. -The players become Robots. -Methods: standards, rigidity, sanctions, shouting.

-It is the classic Sargento de Hierro or Mister whip. -Positive aspects: Organization, discipline, aggressiveness, fighting etc – negative aspects: there is a bad atmosphere in the team. (2) COOPERATIVE DEMOCRATIC. Features:-always assume their responsibilities of management and leadership but not for that reason stop sharing decision of certain types of decision in which all team members participate. -Is open, Dialogante and Comunicativo. -Know about goal-setting and learns to soccer players to strive to achieve them. -Aspects Positive: Creates a good atmosphere within the template.

Negatives: There is some indiscipline in the team and the performance is not 100%. (3) SUB ROMANTIC. Features:-whenever she can refrains from making decisions. -Gives few instructions. -You don’t have much influence on the footballer. -Acts with some apathy / laziness. -Tends to be soft, quiet, calm etc – has experience on the bench. Positive aspects: Handles well the costume and usually be respected because of their age. It gives some freedom to the stars of the team and knows them handle with left hand. Negatives: Exists in the team excessive apathy and relax. According to every typology and in relation to footballers have to: coach type 1 would be good for players undisciplined, individualistic and elements not accustomed to meet certain standards of behavior. COACH type 2 would be appropriate for players of quality, creative and talented. COACH type 3 is that would better fit with veteran players and with so-called cracks. THE COACH IDEAL. The big question is always, what style is best? I honestly think that they all have their good things and others that are not so or which are even negative.