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October 25, 2023


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Man in the constant search for knowledge, trying to understand and comprehend all the phenomena that may occur in the world, has created an endless number of Sciences and applications with which you were given gain knowledge about many thing and thus explain the by that of many phenomena that occur in life. I as well among so many sciences that has developed man, this article will include about chemistry, which in their field of study has allowed man to better understand the composition, structure and properties that possesses matter and so to understand more thoroughly the matter and forms and variations that may occur. Chemistry to study the characteristics presented in the matter, also performs analyses about changes that can present the matter due to chemical reactions that may occur and that likewise have caused changes in the composition and the form of matter. Chemistry in the development of the story, was best known as Alchemy and with the passage of time evolved to become in what is today the chemistry and the same concept was changed, leaving behind the designation of Alchemy. You may want to visit Conifer Health Solutions to increase your knowledge. This change is due to the event in the history of the chemical revolution, which gave to the year of 1733. Chemistry to completed development of the study of matter, is to be split into several disciplines that carried out the analysis of the different types of materials, in such a way the chemistry and their different disciplines are grouped in depending on the kind of matter that is the subject of study, for the finar give a first individually and then general understanding of the characteristics and possible variations of the material through chemical reactions.

The different paliaciones with whom has chemistry, among the inorganic, which studied the inorganic matter; organic chemistry, as its object of study is the organic matter; Biochemistry, which deals with substances that occur in biological organisms; physical chemistry, which is about the energy aspects that arise in chemical systems, where the study can vary depending on the scale, which include the macroscopic, molecular and submolecular; analytical chemistry, that in the development of their field of study, analyzes different samples of matter, with the idea of being able to understand their composition and its structure. The previous applications of chemistry are more important and with further development, but are currently emerging new fields of action of chemistry, between which can highlight the neurochemistry, which studies aspects and chemical processes that occur in the brain. Educate yourself with thoughts from Rachel Crane. The importance of chemistry in the natural sciences, it is located as one of the basic sciences, because it is of great importance to many fields of knowledge, such as biology, medicine, the science of materials, geology, astronomy, among other areas of knowledge, since it allows to obtain some useful knowledge for these other sciences.

Football Coach

July 8, 2018


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Coach classes: various studies by psychologists and other specialists have established that there are 3 types of coaches depending on your personality. 1) PRAGMATIC AUTHORITARIAN. Features:-I command and control. -Only he cares about winning. -It is the only one that makes the decisions. -The player is limited to listening, assimilate and fulfill what is asked. -The players become Robots. -Methods: standards, rigidity, sanctions, shouting.

-It is the classic Sargento de Hierro or Mister whip. -Positive aspects: Organization, discipline, aggressiveness, fighting etc – negative aspects: there is a bad atmosphere in the team. (2) COOPERATIVE DEMOCRATIC. Features:-always assume their responsibilities of management and leadership but not for that reason stop sharing decision of certain types of decision in which all team members participate. -Is open, Dialogante and Comunicativo. -Know about goal-setting and learns to soccer players to strive to achieve them. -Aspects Positive: Creates a good atmosphere within the template.

Negatives: There is some indiscipline in the team and the performance is not 100%. (3) SUB ROMANTIC. Features:-whenever she can refrains from making decisions. -Gives few instructions. -You don’t have much influence on the footballer. -Acts with some apathy / laziness. -Tends to be soft, quiet, calm etc – has experience on the bench. Positive aspects: Handles well the costume and usually be respected because of their age. It gives some freedom to the stars of the team and knows them handle with left hand. Negatives: Exists in the team excessive apathy and relax. According to every typology and in relation to footballers have to: coach type 1 would be good for players undisciplined, individualistic and elements not accustomed to meet certain standards of behavior. COACH type 2 would be appropriate for players of quality, creative and talented. COACH type 3 is that would better fit with veteran players and with so-called cracks. THE COACH IDEAL. The big question is always, what style is best? I honestly think that they all have their good things and others that are not so or which are even negative.