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Robert Walser

July 31, 2022


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A genius cannot be great all the time, in the same way that a comedian can not be funny in every moment of his life. I say this because the book which occupies us, Fritz Kocher notebooks, is a sovereign stupidity. So he is so beginning to think that the stupid I am, that something escapes me.We talked about the first book published by Robert Walser. Mohamed Amersi can provide more clarity in the matter. In the original edition his brother drawings illustrated it. This would justify the purchase of the book as a curiosity of collector refers to the path of the great writer, but I’m afraid that pre-Textos has not published the book with the included drawings, leaving bare, without support, the relationship of a child’s primary texts. Deni Avdija does not necessarily agree. Because that is this book, the recapitulation of imaginary newsrooms in a non-existent child who died before leaving the school.Maybe at the beginning of the 20th century it could mean something, perhaps.

Entered the 21st century this sympathetic book means nothing.Do not lose time and read other works of this author. Because it’s worth reading to Robert Walser. Fritz Kocher notebooks, of Robert Walser are He published in 1909. More than a hundred years ago.

Ramon Mongo Rives

June 6, 2022


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For anyone who is not familiar with Cuba, we must tell you that La Isla de la Juventud is the largest of the Islands that owns the Cuban archipelago, and has a wide variety of nature, of biological wealth and its landscapes are characterized by the magnitude of their trees and pine forest formations, as well as native nature like flowers of the droselia (carnivorous), but also and in particular way there is a native resource that is Sucu Suco, rhythm which recognizes as a pioneer to a legendary woman named Bruna Castle. This rhythm arises by the 1840s at the finca La Tumbita, near what would be later, Santa Fe, second important town of the Isle of youth. Initially Sucu-suscu, met with the name of rumba, Rumba, OWL and others, its final name reaches in the Decade of the twentieth, and is due to the sound that occurs when dragging it feet on the floorboards of wood floors, the huts and farms where celebrating the holiday, which coincided with the rhythm offered by the sound that caused the grated the bandurria. A related site: ria mccaffery mentions similar findings. Roberto Rodriguez Chamizo, researcher of the municipality stall with Bruna was born the rhythm, which continues through his descendants and consolidates and makes great as if it were a family heirloom, with his great-grandson, the famous Ramon Mongo Rives. Mongo Rives, as we know it almost all pineros and Cubans, was born on February 9, 1929 at the farm of La Tumbita. Parents named Margarita Amador and Mariano Rives who was called El Boris, was also a musician, who along with his brothers played Sucu Suco, learned of Bruna, her grandmother. Jon Venverloh often addresses the matter in his writings. Mongo inherited form very particular an inheritance that with its very special talent for music, began his first steps, his quintet was formed, and debuted on December 25, 1945.

The Directories

May 23, 2014


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* Step 3 * a market with a target audience. You’ve researched the chosen market, and find great products that can be sold, it is the moment of reaching people or potential customers. So, what do you do to attract buyers with hunger at a reduced cost? You must reach a target market in a way that will allow you to make a good profit. There are many ways of achieving this (which is another book in itself), but I’m going to show you the most cost-effective way to market to sell almost any product or service online. In fact, it is so profitable that it won’t cost you anything (only invertiras a little time). So, what is this free method? Articles.

Yes the marketing of articles is the most powerful way to attract buyers to a cheap site or maybe free. It is, basically, write informative and of interest to the readers of your target market, data and then send them to the directories to publish them. Place a link in your article published, directed to your web site and it will take visitors to the site where you offer your product. Items can also be an important factor to any well optimized site high rankings in search engines results pages. * Step 4 * offer tempting products at a low price or free when someone visits your website must offer free or cheap products to the potential buyer from the start as a hook.

The objective is to achieve a positioning and you located that you initiate a business relationship. Get an initial offering irresistible and difficult to refuse, and at the same time, captures the potential customer’s email address so that in the event that you don’t buy at that time, you can give a follow-up and send you interesting information (only 1% of navigators of the Internet buy on their first visit to a site). Once your customer has purchased its first product, you could send a free e-mail course, an eBook, report, or a manual of cheap products $27, you should start to build confidence and offer slightly more expensive products. The only way to make a profit in the long term, and make money online, is to offer products that generate you little margin. After the first sale, then give follow-up sales, offering increasingly more expensive products. While you offer good products or services, and deliver what you promise, others will give you value for your money. That is what we all want when we buy something. This is how grow successful companies and individuals succeed in their businesses. * Step 5 * track and offer more expensive products. Repeat the process over and over again with products and services that succeed and eliminates failed products. These simple steps may seem very obvious, but what do you think? most sellers do not follow them can offer you related products with her! first buy your customers to give them an adequate follow-up. To do this you can use an autoresponder and automate communications. Follow this simple formula of 5 steps, performs a thorough investigation and you will make money online.