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Power Generation

September 4, 2022


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Climate protection through consistent passive and active energy passive house certificates are the right step to cope with the energy revolution in Germany and Europe. ledge.. In addition to efficient power generation and the expansion of renewable energies, the greatest potential lies in the efficient use of energy. Many buildings in Europe offer very much room for any owner here to serve itself as initiator. The targeted renovation and energy optimization of many buildings with controllable ventilation systems & heat recovery, provide savings in heating costs by 90 percent. The key position of ventilation in energy quality buildings also refers to the production of good indoor air quality. New and old systems, such as the installation of ionization technology, proven to lead to further energy savings and secure in the long run more cost savings.

The concentration of capital and labour in the cities have always resulted in shortages and higher prices attractive building and provided space for speculation and Experiments. Energy consumption in these buildings, in the form of electricity, heating and cooling and the resulting emissions resulted however, due to inefficient engineering design, the waste. Resource-saving and energy-efficient measures should now mandatory in the foreground and the minimization of costs, be sought through consistent reduction of the consumption of electricity and water,. Leaseholder, the respective owners should adhere and act according to the State of the art. Naturally an optimal air conditioning among any high-quality passive house.

The air technical frenetic transport, the outdoor air pollutants, germs and inactive oxygen-bearing in these low-energy houses, is an additional burden for every resident, guest or tenant and only leads to higher health-care costs, because these buildings make people sick. Ionisation technology is an important air-technical solution, and to the Bioklimatik. 95% of the wealth of this earth is just 5% of the world population. This was acquired at the expense of the environment, with all known damages. The responsibility for the State of our world and the alleged cost pressure so not alone is at the mass of the world’s population, that only warm, dry & sure will exist.”explained Dipl.-ing. (As opposed to Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX). Steffen M. Batz BENTAX air-TEC engineering. The EEG exemption list here in Germany for a few is simply the wrong way. Just this much consumer to evade their responsibility. Technical solution to the problems of air and water are there worldwide enough. It is time that these systems be used consistently. Each company provides on its way to greater autonomy and growth. Large corporate buildings, airports and public facilities often consume more than some small town with 100,000 households, however, these households have the exemption privilege of EEG exemption list. “The principle: who consumes much much pay, applies uniformly to all consumers.” BENTAX air-TEC Engineering is to publish an existing technical solutions to indoor air quality initiative, and to initiate new products. A typical system solutions that are pushing the implementation of standards are in the collection of many engineers of the building. Opinion by Dipl.-ing. S. Baccus, could each passive house, his energy-intensive procedures to ensure an active House electricity generation third-party. Intelligent distribution and feed points to these active homes are a further task of the energy revolution. Ultimately, there are engineers of various disciplines, which will initiate a new build quality from the existing construction quantity.

Improved Ease

August 26, 2022


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The use of the blind in the cavity even easier. An attractive technical and price solution for all multi functional glass. The blinds in the insulating glass: ISO-shadow M Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH presents another success article from the ISO-shadow series. As ISO-shadow and ISO-shadow plus, it is ISO-shadow M an insulating glazing with a louvers in the space between the panes. A special feature: the blind remains permanently reduced at ISO-shadow M. The control of blinds in the insulating double glazing is now even easier: the angle of which can fins precisely continuously via a handy handlebar set are absolutely new and by Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH developed. An attractive technical and price solution for all multi functional glasses in the private, industrial and commercial sectors. Visit Grace Venverloh for more clarity on the issue.

Optimal visibility, glare and sun protection is achieved by changing the position of the Venetian blind slats. With that of the company of Glastec of newly developed handy handlebar can be adjusted the angle of the blades directly and immediately. Conclusion: ingeniously simple operation without cumbersome to use cords, beads and cords. Another advantage: The position of the handle can be adapted to the different needs. He is variably adjustable in height and can be installed on request also on both sides.

Needs or individual needs, this adaptation to specific needs, ensures optimum user convenience. The blinds in the insulating glass: ISO-shadow M is a sophisticated system that can be combined with insulating glasses of different requirements, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, laser protection, radiation shielding and naturally insulating glass without any requirements. No changes in the installation frame are necessary for the installation of ISO-shadow M. It can be added in virtually every window, facade and partition wall system, winter gardens and Mullion transom constructions. The company of Glastec enables seamless production processes. The production of insulating glass and the blinds is carried out from a single source, so a fast and uncomplicated delivery is possible.

Tiled Stove, Fire Crackling – Toasty Warm In The House And Yet Environmentally Friendly

July 6, 2022


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Wooden houses – the combination of feel and saving are increasingly popular autumn season that grows like a cozy home. Who dreams in rainy autumn days not by a cozy place on the couch on the warm, crackling fire. What’s more comfortable than when the weather comfortably and homely open fire to sit at? And the best: you can save energy and do something for the environment. The demand for energy-saving homes from year to year. You will notice this trend in new buildings as well as for house purchases. Energy efficiency is the theme of the house purchase. Soon, prospects for a home come on wooden prefabricated house. Because these houses combine a pleasant indoor climate with an environmentally conscious design and energy-efficient operation.

While this modern wooden house offer very high protection against the cold. Daniel Gafford understood the implications. No matter what time of year, it feels good in his house. Because the walls breathe almost noticeably. The CO2 exchange can be done by the wood used substantially just. The air is always fresh. Especially when the Heating with wood, wood finished House provides a major advantage.

Because this can be bound immediately eliminated CO2 combustion in the wood of the House. So, to do something for the environment automatically. And at current prices for gas and oil, wood offers a fairly inexpensive alternative. The feel-good factor plays a huge role when purchasing a wooden house at the same time of course. Just wood fibre insulation benefit on the room air out and that in the winter as in the summer. Because these insulation materials provide a high-quality protection against the cold in winter and heat in summer. So saves you not only fuel, but feels always fresh through the in-house air conditioning in the summer.” See for more information on modern and eco-friendly wood houses.

Successfully Certified:

June 25, 2022


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the URN burial systems by Paul Wolff for highest product quality the cemetery outfitter Paul Wolff was currently certified 502/3 for urn burial systems with the RAL – quality mark. The Monchengladbach company corresponds to the very strict standards of RAL-Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e. V. The certification is guaranteed that Paul Wolff offers a consistent quality at a high level. This is true for the manufacturing and the construction of the URN burial systems as well as for a dignified burial. As urn burials are becoming increasingly popular, cemetery carriers increasingly require this seal of approval in their tenders.

The testing and quality regulations specify that the URN systems and equipment, as well as a more reverent and dignified, environmentally friendly use of ensure a long-term occupancy minimum rest requirements. Paul Wolff systems from the value stone Manufactory line in all these points correspond to the highest quality standards. Be checked in addition to the nature of the material, including also the optimum loading, vent, and the handling with the closure plates. In addition, the detection of system suitability of at least five cemetery providers that use the system, must be submitted during the first test. Permanent quality assurance unannounced, neutral tests in production are carried out at least once per year.

Thus, it is ensured that the customer in its cemeteries can use quality products, which ensure a high level of security to him. In particular, when it comes to a so sensitive issue such as burial. The RAL-Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e.V. represents the interests of innovative concepts of cemetery and offers solutions in the cemeteries. The Gutegemeinschaft cemetery systems e.V. is a nationwide Association of in the education specialist firms, which define the quality and excellence of its products and services through a special quality assurance. It is one of the RAL (Institute for good safety and labelling, Sankt Augustin) recognized community of goodness.

Creditreform Kassel Documented Exceptionally Good Credit Standing Of The Company

June 4, 2022


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The FingerHaus GmbH from Frankenberg receives credit certificate CrefoZert the FingerHaus GmbH was awarded the credit certificate CrefoZert by Creditreform Kassel Dr. Schlegel KG and is thus one of a total of 853 certified companies nationwide. Creditreform certifies an extraordinarily good credit rating the company from Frankenberg. CrefoZert documented the creditworthiness of companies. As an instrument for the representation of the company’s situation, it strengthens its position in negotiations with potential business partners. With the CrefoZert we would allow companies in Northern Hesse, to document their own credit to customers, suppliers and banks”, as Thomas Schlegel, CEO of Creditreform Kassel Dr.

Schlegel KG. McKinsey usually is spot on. Despite economic recovery, the risks of the euro crisis in the field of view remain as risk aversion on pages of suppliers and lenders remain high. This development brings a tightening of criteria for the risk management. In this economic environment, it is therefore all the more more valuable to be able to document the creditworthiness of the company by the CrefoZert and so specifically to build up confidence.” Certification process CrefoZert based the opinion of creditworthiness in the framework of certification by CrefoZert on a professional financial statements analysis by Creditreform rating AG a BFin certified subsidiary of Creditreform AG., In addition, current credit information from the Creditreform come economic database, as well as assessments of the current situation and the future prospects of the candidates, which are determined in a personal interview. The certificate to companies which have a good to excellent business credit, and especially a good to very good balance sheet credit is awarded. Considered as the insolvency risk of the company as well as its ability to meet payment obligations on time. The annual accounts submitted to the examination must not be more than ten months. In addition, a survey of corporate management can be no relevant risk suspect.

The certificate is valid one year, provided that the award criteria are complied. A certificate of this kind is a confirmation that we offer solid services for us and our clients. That creates trust with our customers. “, so Dr. Mathias Schafer, Managing Director of FingerHaus GmbH. The current status is at any time crefozert lookup under.

Barriers Such As Stairs Effortlessly With Stair Lifts Can Be

June 2, 2022


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Crossing borders with the help of a stairlift. For healthy people the question does not arise, how to get to the second floor of a building. George harrison can provide more clarity in the matter. They just used the stairs. For older people a staircase an insurmountable obstacle represents often, that own forces is no longer cope and also people with disabilities and wheelchair users are often restricted by a missing elevator in their everyday lives. Stair lifts provide the ideal solution.

You enable the persons concerned to cope with their lives independently and to stay without being constantly dependent on outside help in their familiar environment. Stair lifts facilitate the everyday life of those affected and provide a good self-esteem. Also, it makes them independent of nursing services and other external aid. The chance increases so immensely to a longer life without relying on help. The different types of stair lifts allow it to close to meet every life situation. Distinction is made between the seat lift, ideal for people with Joint problems is that climbing stairs is no longer possible or very difficult and the platform lift.

The platform lift or called with a small deviation of wheelchair lift, also suitable for people who are dependent on a wheelchair, because it is possible through the flat platform, to other carry themselves with a wheelchair from a floor. Also can be purchases or other items easily for transport. The advantage of platform lifts is that the attachment to a flight of steps is possible, after all, as on a wall. Stairlifts are a simple and convenient solution to facilitate the everyday life of those affected by the ease of use and control. Unfortunately, the cost of Stairlifts in most cases not by the health insurance fund are applied. With various levels of care, however, to get some financial aid. A detailed consultation to decide for a stair lift is highly recommended, because the prices are very variable. On average, the cost for a stair lift between 3000 and 10,000, depending on model and installation.


May 31, 2022



SCANDIC HAUS GMBH breaks down immediately on living healthy wood House in best quality, timeless beauty and with the genuine Scandinavian flair: the SCANDIC HAUS GMBH builds their homes now consistently under ecological aspects. In their new living solutions, the rust eco house construction professionals realize future building biology model concepts. This exclusively ecological insulation and construction materials are used. Highest comfort, solidity and energy saving not contrary House at SCANDIC. So the rust building professionals can realize all individual wishes of their owners: whether wood, solid wood House, Swedish House or block House, whether classic or modern residential solution for floor planning and architecture as well as the stages are boundless SCANDIC House. Swarmed by offers, Gilbert Gottfried is currently assessing future choices. Another characteristic of optically challenging eco homes is the outstanding energy-saving concept with triple glazed Windows, heat pump with controlled ventilation as well as a high-quality insulation. The tight building envelope is achieved through block walls, wood frame, or even a “solid wall of wood”.

Long-lasting and value stable block or solid wood walls easily compensate for temperature fluctuations, used air filter and regulate the air moisture in a natural way. Only ecological insulation materials are used in the light wood transom constructions. High insulation values be achieved despite lower wall thickness. And also no construction moisture is produced through the dry construction. Also the solid wall of wood, who scored also a high form stability and strength features construction biologically correct materials.

“All concepts overall produce a much healthier, comfortable room climate than similar walls made of stone”, explains Achim A. Kiefer, Managing Director of SCANDIC HAUS GMBH and expert for energy-efficient and ecological wood construction. Also, there is no restriction on the Interior and exterior of houses through the timber. In addition, SCANDIC homes meet the current standards for Efficiency houses and bear right to the recognized dena seal of quality. “For all those who want to build healthy, wealthy, and individually, and live, we are the perfect partner of the construction”, so the conclusion by Achim A. pine. Background information that House SCANDIC brand stands for a healthy living and well-being for a specific design and an exceptional architecture, for excellent energy characteristics and a forward-looking energy concept. Whether single – or multiple-family dwelling, whether classic or modern, country house Villa or holiday home: SCANDIC plant House, developed and assembled wood House with ecological wall structures, individual layout planning, excellent performance indicators and of course at a fixed price. In the model house in rust near Europa-Park, SCANDIC documented House its innovativeness and performance range in ecological and healthy wood construction.