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Backup Systems

July 29, 2023


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Most people do backups, just transferring important files to a folder on another hard drive, or writing them on DVD discs. The problem is that this approach does not allow you to perform backup system files, because the system is running, access to these files is to backup zablokirovan.Kak all the data at the same time? Backing up the system requires more advanced technologies that are not supported just copying to a disk or software to copy data. The only way to make a backup of the system – it's redundant to use the technology at the level of the carrier when the copying is not file system, and makes requests directly to the hard disk sector. This method allows you to backup the operating system, all applications and documents. On the one hand, copying is a more accurate and You can copy the hard drive completely, but this method is inflexible and is not suitable for copy-choice (for example, if you want to copy the same folder).

Different backup software to back up the system in different ways. The most effective are capable of producing "hot" up the system without imposing any restrictions on the active users and allowing them to do whatever they want. Although it sounds as being unusually strong, in practice, when you need to backup your entire PC, it is possible with the same result using a simpler (and less expensive) and run it, for example, at night, when the computer is not used. For backup it is important to choose the right store. The best solution to this problem is an external hard drive. They are reliable, transportable, and allow you to quickly jump to an external drive, if the main problems arise. You do not need much time for recovery. Alternative external HDD – it's up to a remote server or network drive. Finally, remember that your data is protected only when copying performed regularly. Therefore, choosing any software or device you trust a backup system, do not forget to make sure that all operations can be performed automatically, either on a schedule, or in accordance with certain system events.


January 10, 2020


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You can create icons for a list of dialed / received / missed calls. Utility Voice Commander allows you to configure voice control. Image Maker, Image Wizard and Multimedia Manager – applications that combine user-friendly viewer graphical editor and a tool for creating simple drawings. Can process images with built-in camera, in particular to change the orientation, scale, and so on. The program allows you to manage audio Scenarios profiles.

Program Backup Utility – Allows backup and data recovery. Features Bluetooth-module are identical to features of its predecessor – Glofiish X500. In this model, the protocol used Bluetooth 2.0, which offers a new, more user-friendly interface and lots of possibilities, among which are the profiles supported FTP and DUN, enhanced data rate (EDR – Enhanced Data Rate) and the support profile A2DP, which allows listening to music via wireless headset, to synchronize data via ActiveSync, connect a wireless keyboard and communicate with other devices. Wi-Fi-opportunity Glofiish M700 also features identical to the X500. M700 supports the fastest of the common standard Wi-Fi – 802.11g. Wi-Fi technology designed to access at short distances and at the same time, at sufficiently high velocities. Usability of the Wi-Fi increases due to the established unit pack AKU3. When working the user can prioritize the traffic of applications running. The 802.11g standard has the following characteristics: – 54 Mbps, up to 125 * Mbps – Radius: 50 m – Minutes of security: WEP, WPA, WPA2 – Security level: high Integrated GPS-receiver, which is famous for its M700, is based on a 20-channel chip SiRFstar III, among the main advantages of which – can be used without an external antenna.

Business Answering Machine

November 8, 2019


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Sooner or later, any company the question arises – what to do to improve performance? How to save time and financial resources, and possibly automate some internal processes? Below you will find little information shedding light on these questions. The term often causes the answering machine hears negative emotions – a soulless tool, answering machine, obsessive phone calls – in particular, is associated in most people with given word. Meanwhile, in essence it is a useful and necessary thing for the business. Especially if the business – in services or sales, where much depends on the flow of clients and interact with them. If turnovers are big, and customer base – the corresponding volume, the companies use the services of call-centers, offering service of outgoing calls and customer information. For all that, nobody wants to pass on their accumulated base into the wrong hands, let even if it is in the interests of the company. For security purposes, much better to install an enterprise system of outgoing calls. The program, answering machine Call Office, if I set it up, as it becomes, can deal with your clients, provide them with necessary information and to register their messages completely replacing the call-center employee.

The difference is only that you will be completely control the program, and it will alert your customers automatically, at least a whole day. In this notification can go through different channels (telephone calls and SMS). Avtoinformirovanie becoming more common and more service because it significant saving of labor, and the fact that buying software once, you save yourself from having to pay anything else, winningly warms the soul. Summarizing, we can say that companies are already using the program, such as those described, for communicating with customers – be satisfied.


August 17, 2019


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At this point I say no, do not get it in the neck and his feat is not accomplished! Dop.informatsiya Descriptions of malware: malicious software to provide include network worms, classic file viruses, Trojans, hacker tools and other programs that cause deliberate harm to a computer on which they are launched for execution, or other computers on the network. Network Worms This category includes programs that spread copies of itself to local and / or global networks in order to: penetration of remote computers; start of the copy on the remote computer; further spread to other computers on the network.

To spread worms use a variety of computer and mobile networks: electronic mail, instant messaging, file sharing (P2P) and IRC-network, LAN, network communication between mobile devices (phones, PDAs), etc. Most of the known worms spread as files: an attachment in an e-mail reference to an infected file on any web or FTP-share in the ICQ-and IRC-messages, file in the P2P sharing, etc. Some worms (so-called “bodiless” or “batch” worms) are distributed in the form of network packets to penetrate directly into the computer memory and activate their code.

Prevention Breakdowns

August 22, 2018


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Good computer equipment is expensive. Today, from its reliable operation depends very much – we trust computers to bookkeeping, business correspondence, keeping vital information. Therefore, serious computer crashes can be for the firm caused significant loss of income and even cause considerable losses (downtime, loss of valuable information, the results of which did not have time to maintain or have not yet done backup). Therefore it is expedient to take care of prevention of damage of computer equipment in advance to avoid serious problems in the future. Small firms can enter into a contract for subscription services computers with specialized companies. But some actions you can do on their own. Computer as an electronic device has some bitter enemies.

One is the ordinary dust. Any working electronics attracts quite a large amount of dust – see how much it collects on the screen and the back of the TV. And that to repair the TV often begins with the fact that the master vacuuming the internal circuitry, known to all who came across with this. Accumulated in the computer system unit dust can cause serious damage. A lot of dust accumulates on the fan, and he ceases to effectively cool the CPU – the main part of your computer. In addition, the dust is quite a good conductor and, accordingly, its accumulation on the motherboard may cause the closure, and as a consequence, full failure of the main computer chip. Capacitors, which are available on the motherboard may also fail due to dust. To read more click here: Jeff Gennette. In order for your computer is stable, it is important that the temperature has been observed mode.

From overheating, the computer stores details of the cooling system. But work at low temperatures, with drops that can cause condensation is also very harmful to the state of the expensive working tool. Hard drives, which store the important information for the company, are afraid of strong shaking. If your computer has to operate in areas where constant vibration to exclude not The hard drive should be mounted on shock absorbing surface. Protect your computer from temperature changes or excessive vibration is not so difficult. But the dust removal is an operation that should Only qualified staff on computer repair. And make no mistake – even when operating in a perfectly clean room gradual accumulation of dust in the system unit is inevitable. To understand why Dust removal – a job for professionals, we describe the procedure. To start the computer understands. Now we need to very carefully remove the dust from the motherboard. Also need to clean the cooler and radiators. Remove them from the processor and motherboard should be very careful, otherwise you may damage the fastening system. Once inside of the fan cleaned, it is also useful to re-lubricate its bearings. Need to be cleaned and the cooler unit supply. If it is due to dust will not work, the system can overheat and fail. To perform this procedure, the power supply also has to take off. Sometimes the bad and replace thermal paste on the CPU. I think readers understand that doing the work associated with the disassembly of the computer, you must be very careful and hard to know how to collect it later. Otherwise, it is likely the result of 'prevention' will the need to purchase a new computer.

Russian Virtual Airlines Skyairlines

January 7, 2012


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VA SkyAirlines Russian Virtual Airlines SkyAirlines is based in Moscow's Domodedovo airport (UUDD) and has extensive experience in network operations FSAirlines (formerly FlyNet). Recently, the virtual airline SkyAirlines flies as the network IVAO. The company has an extensive route network in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, CIS and foreign countries. Airlines route network is constantly evolving and improving. Airline pilots gathering for flights on aircraft Boeing-737/747/757/767, Airbus-A319/320/321 /, MD11 (F), the Tu-154 and Il-76TD, as well as on other aircraft of Russian and foreign proizvodstva.FlyNet – registering Online you can create a virtual airline and flies. The site You can download the client for the simulator, in which a built-in failures. All flight time logged and displayed on the site.

At first glance, nothing new in the system there, but the selection of features is well thought out – realistically simulated economy airline, to analyze the proposed set of statistical data about your activities. Completed flights are displayed on the map Google Maps. The forum of the Russian portal Avsim.ru already being quite active discussion of FlyNet:, and our pilot Navy established a virtual company Pelican Cargo Air. The system is completely in English, but one of the members of the forum have translated user manual in Russian. Flying in the network are carried out under control of the dispatch services, using real fraziologii radio. All this makes it possible to work out the real pilots and improve their skills of navigation, piloting and making decisions critical situations.

Moreover, the ability to touch this element exists in all comers. Our pilots in real life can be anything. Nevertheless, aircraft for them, though virtual, is not alien to concept. As in real life, there are many online virtual airlines. Our virtual airline is one of them. We carry a virtual passengers and cargo. Airline pilots charged flying hours, increase their level of knowledge. In the team we support the friendship We hope to see you in their friendly series!