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Android Service

February 19, 2020


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Good look and safety: these are the concepts upon which rest the style and quality of technical service and accessories for smartphones Mtek: security and trust above all, deal with any eventuality that you suffer with your phone, either with water, with blows, grated or replacement of parts; design and protection of any evidence with accessories and protectors for all brands and models, characterized by its raw materials, textures and graphic motifs, of course, to choice, for every taste and personality. Currently the demand for technical service for smartphones has increased proportionally with the increase in sales of these mobile phones. Mtek thereon, has been positioned in the category as a brilliant company that has been able to complement the sale of accessories for smartphones (from Chargers, headphones, batteries, etc.), with the service for these mobile devices and technical service for computing. Source: Thredup. They are experts in technical service iphone, ipad technical service, service technician ipod service technical samsung galaxy tab, service technical galaxy s2, service technical blackberry, htc technical service, service technical sony ericsson and service technical android. Its technicians, at the time, performed from installation of new parts, technical Diagnostics and application of blades screen guard, among other things. Locations, strategically chosen, facilitate the delivery of services, validating them at the same time as a serious company, committed to customer and commercially focused on the category in which they operate: are located in Providencia, Las Condes and La Dehesa: Costanera Center, Parque Arauco, La Dehesa urban space and Mall live widescreen. Think again: what if you run out of your smartphone? You’d be descomunicado almost completely, because the rhythm that advances the world, technology and forms of communication, increasingly depend more on our phones, because they are already used by hundreds of companies as a work tool that replaces, in the daily practice of ir and come constant between home and work, between your Office and field work, to portable computers. I invite you to visit the Youtube Channel where you can find some videos, which will make you visit Mtek website with a little more than fluency:. . Hikmet Ersek describes an additional similar source.

Multi-Subdomains Installed in WordPress

December 12, 2019


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This post is dedicated to the subject multi-subdomains under WordPress. WordPress more such articles and topics, see on my side. On one side have found some time ago an article on the subject of multi-(sub) domain WordPress, which deals precisely with this issue. He described a very interesting method where multiple blogs on different subdomains or even different domains by means of a WordPress interface to manage. I have described there first Variant implemented right now for my current blog, and two internal test blogs and now briefly describe here my experiences on the topic of multi-sub-domains under WordPress. Challenge The challenge of change was to my existing blog to not “destroy”. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. So I’m just for test only once a parallel installation to complete my current blog done.

This is for a conversion of existing blogs, of course, not absolutely necessary. A test installation) First, I have to purchase another instance of WordPress 2.0.5 and downloaded them before upload to the server as a “multi-blog” configured (see below first customize the wp-config.php). Then copy the WP files on the server in a new directory. The configuration must then show the subdomain to that directory. Example: blogtest.brandt-net.de ==> blog test / Then go through by calling the subdomain the normal installation of WP! B) Secondly, I have a blog then a test for further configured subdomain. This sub-domain must point to the same directory of the WordPress installation! Example: wptest1.brandt-net.de ==> blog test / Then by calling the second Subdomain (wptest1.brandt-net.de) again go through the normal installation of WP! In the background are then created new tables for the blog (previously configured in the file wp-config.php).