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The Continuous

January 1, 2021


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There are conditions of the team effort to systematize different approaches the success factors of team performance. The following reflects the experiences of the author from a team development process in high performance sport and company: there must be (one can also speak of the Mission) a clear reason, a job for the existence of the team. This forms the basis for the identification of the teams and the raison d ‘ etre. Another factor is an attractive vision for the team. Visions move, if it is an image of the future, for which it is worthwhile to work and to initiate developments and implement. A famous vision was that of John F. Kennedy, who announced at the beginning of the 1960s in this decade to bring a man to the Moon and back.

The vision or the image, which has a team of himself, expresses the desired quality of the team. It is so to speak the guiding star for the Development direction of the team. With the vision, the team sets the aspiration level to which it is committed. As a result all further developments and also values derived, featuring a team. It is therefore important that this consensus and vision, but also the values of the team, are transparent. The performance of a team lives by the performance of the team members. Therefore, the continuous development of team members in the direction of the personal Championship is a commitment of each. Only in this way creates the basis for an outstanding team performance.

In addition to the further development of the individual, it also involves the development of teams in his performance. This means that it must learn. This should be done in two dimensions: firstly it is to learn to solve problems better, so to make things better, at the same time it should learn as a team to work better, i.e.