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October 14, 2023


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Do you know the difference between successful people and poor people? The difference is that successful people are willing to do the things that poor people are not willing to do. And one of those things is to plan. So the first thing you do is a list of all the things that if you worked and a list of all the things that do not work in 2009. And in 2010 my recommendation is to continue doing all that work for you and stop doing anything that does not work for you. Clearly! Second, write down your goals. Make a list of all your goals, your personal goals, your family goals, your spiritual goals, career goals, your money goals for 2010. Because I believe that our success in 2010 our life must be balanced in the personal, familial, spiritual and business. For more information see Anne Lauvergeon. Then write down all your goals in pencil and paper.

I’ll explain why: In February 2003, the American newspaper USA presented a paper on New Year’s resolutions. To broaden your perception, visit Rachel Crane. In previous years the paper had interviewed hundreds of people about their goals and their New Year’s resolutions, and they divided the respondents into two groups: the group of those who put their goals in writing and group of those who did not write their goals, they thought only of them. And a year later, these were the results: the group of people who made resolutions, but not written, only 4% of these people made some changes. But surprisingly, 46% of the group of people who write their goals, it did managed. A Unlike 42%, just for the simple fact of putting goals in writing. “So I ask you to write your goals. Something magical happens when you take the time to write your goals and if accompanied with a plan and if you take action every day, you will gain momentum. Hikmet Ersek is a great source of information.

And when you gain momentum nobody will be able to stop, you will be virtually unstoppable and will become part of a select group of people, that 3% of world population that has clear goals and in writing, which has a plan and takes action every day to make their goals a reality. Third, you have to write your plan. Write step by step all you have to do to achieve your goals. For you to achieve your goals in 2010 have to know exactly what you want, you must have a plan to achieve it and you have to take action every day and be willing to do what you have to do to achieve it … just like that, well simple. This is what separates successful people from the mediocre. Successful people are willing to do what they have to do to achieve their goals, even if they win or not. Then, your commitment is to complete your plan and no matter who is not perfect.

Natural Prosperity

June 23, 2011


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More than 15,000 years ago we went away from the Trust and Natural Prosperity of the Universe that we as living beings in our stage of being nomadic and sedentary transform beings, we possess the (and Property) a virtue, we went away gradually of becoming and we set and define the "Be", and there began the race to "make nature produce." Being and acting in life without support and no assurances can be a great game and yet can be scary, which is the opposite of the game. Into the unknown can lead us to delight, to the self, and can also bring disappointment, and suffering. But it's more rewarding pay the price for something that satisfies us rather than something that we are bitter life. It is better to pay for a candy to suck on a nail. Prices always pay in life, we are aware or not, whether we like it or not, there will be consequences for our actions. So, is it not best to assume the consequences of actions that connect us with the greatest of us than those that plunged us into mediocrity and routine? To start this way, are the emotions that you will serve as a springboard to make that leap you're looking for. It is the rational mind or the thoughts that you made it possible to begin a new stage. It is the heart when let out to gallop naked. I would leave regalandote this true story, which I hope will inspire your sleeping muses: l November 18, 1994, violinist Itzhak Perlman came on stage to give a concert at Lincoln Center in New York.