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Coaching Strategy

January 11, 2014


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– When you can use models and systems that make sense for them. – When they can understand and explore the linkages and connections between facts and ideas. – When the subject matter is objective and based on rational principles. The ward somewhat theoretical and tutor, can dedicate a certain amount of time reading books and newspapers which contain new information. Also, the coachee could prepare a brief synopsis of that information and how it has incorporated in its current ideology.

Pragmatic: We are interested in ideas to see if they work. They like to solve problems, are practical and want to apply new knowledge. – When allowed associate the ideas to real life situations. – When can test strategies and ideas. – When may face practical situations.

The little pragmatic coachee should be encouraged to develop and establish a practical plan based on certain ideas and a certain format. Prepared by information taken from Zeus and Skiffington (2002). According to Dilts (2004), one of the strategies or assistive learning tools in the process of coaching is to help define and strengthen Cochea its objectives. Thus, a goal is the status or outcome desired by the individual. The objectives are the source of motivation and can stimulate powerful processes of self-organization capable of mobilizing resources, both conscious and unconscious.