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Global Warming

August 9, 2023


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There are new reports that global warming will likely be much faster than previously estimated. There are new reports that global warming will likely be much faster than previously estimated. The reason for this seems to be that there is more carbon dioxide going into the air; both man made and through natural processes. “We are basically looking now at a future climate that’s beyond anything we’ve considered seriously in climate model simulations,” Christopher Field, founding director of the Carnegie Institution’s Department of global ecology at Stanford University, said at the annual meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science. The problem, in part, seems to be the increase in the burning of fossil fuels in developing countries. With more carbon going into the air from the use of fossil fuels comes the increase in the temperatures in the arctic poles. These higher temperatures are beginning to melt the arctic permafrost, which could’nt then naturally release hundreds of Bill production of tons of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

It’s a vicious cycle. John mayer will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This increase in warming is causing the release of carbon from permafrost, which causes more warming, which causes more release from permafrost. Can what be done? Well it’s complicated, but it MUST be solved. For even more opinions, read materials from Israel Englander. Big government and big business wants to have the most influence. Individuals can try and pressure them. Individuals can so do their part by cutting back on the amount of carbon they are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere.

Just ask yourself what activity you do now that results in releasing carbon into the air. Then make a conscious effort not to do that activity at least once a week. Or speak out to politicians and business leaders and let them know we care about our Earth and want some real action from them to protect it. theses actions may seem small but we must start somewhere or our plans will eventually be destroyed. There is one place however where excess heat will not cause any problem. The new meet me at my locker function at Spacelocker. This will be a happening place with lots of “hot action” between all those signed up at Spacelocker.com. So keep checking back and be ready to meet new friends at your locker.

Reduce Energy Consumption And Costs

June 18, 2023


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With Braas insulate the roof and save money any modernization measure at home is an investment in the future. And that should pay off not only for the comfort, but in the long run for your own wallet. Because by energetic remedial measures the homeowner saves money, because it can significantly reduce heating costs. Energy is primarily on the outer surfaces lost in particular over the roof. A good roof insulation in conjunction with an intact roof ensures that cools hot air on a small scale and less to even no heating energy is wasted. An energy-saving potential of up to 15 percent arises depending on year, construction and use of the building to be renovated. Hikmet Ersek contributes greatly to this topic. The German Energy Agency dena, has calculated that a family with new roof insulation can save up to 540 on heating costs per year. The insulation of the roof is a fundamental part for energy-efficient housing and life”, explains Dr.

Rudolf Rauss of Braas, the leading provider of System solutions for pitched roofs in Germany. A new roof is imminent, the home owners definitely should equate to with a modern roof insulation.” Full surface insulation the better alternative in the roof insulation facing two different systems: the full surface insulation above the Rafter or on roof insulation and insulation between rafters. The beams above as a complete lid completes the on-roof insulation. The roof tiles are laid then as usual about it. Follow others, such as technology at millennium, and add to your knowledge base. The intermediate Rafter insulation is an interior insulation where the insulation material is normally laid inside between the rafters. In the interior insulation thermal bridges, which reduce the attenuation are created”, know the expert of rauss. We offer only the insulation of roofs in Braas, because when such long-term investments, the quality must be just.” Since no building are the same and each building is different, there is the on-roof insulation precise material. It is important that the homeowner takes the insulation solution right for his roof. The umbrella craftsmen locally helps in the selection of materials. In the end, the quality of the roofing materials should decide because every modernization measure is an investment in the future. Further information on the roof insulation under:../ daemmung.html

BENTAX AirTEC Engineering

September 11, 2019


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BENTAX air-TEC engineering ionisation technology with ionization tubes of BENTAX are type, devices that create added value and support the aims of the EU the European Commission the year 2013 as the year of the air “cried out. This fall, the environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik announced a legislative package to protect people and nature from unnecessary air pollution. Engineering services will be asked now that engineers have a responsibility to achieve these important goals. The feasibility, sustainability and continuity is reflected in the pursuit of engineers to offer secure solutions. Ionisation in ventilation technology is a way to ensure the upcoming challenges. “Already at the 4th International Conference in July 1987 in Berlin indoor air quality (indoor air quality) was so defined, that they should correspond to the climate components of the pure atmosphere, for which our organism is conceived since time immemorial. It is so long, which should be outside air.” explained Dipl.-ing. Steffen M.

Batz, BENTAX air-TEC engineer and explains further: the expected lowering of the limits is certainly an important step for the environment of the people, but this is in turn only a compromise between economy and the environment. The indoor air quality to the human being in buildings / rooms, has also the task, the deodorization, the degradation of pollutants, the air disinfection and the recovery of active oxygen in addition to the climate control components such as temperature, humidity and air cleanliness in the air conditioning, but. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. BENTAX ionization technique and all research reports for this purpose, occupy more than 60 years, that our technique works safely and is long proven.” There are procedures to the ionization of the air and of gases, specifically since the discovery of over 100 years ago many things. Albert Einstein saw only the fundamental physical approach of the ionization energy for gases and specifically by clean air. Air quality and the characteristics of good air were the initial interest by Albert Einstein. Now the EU is this important question. Many techniques use more or less electrical power and a bipolar generator which emits the energy of the respective gas mixture. Provide good air technically, everyone can look”.

BENTAX ionization tubes emit consistent minimum quantities of energy of the oxygen in the air, activate it and allow so the natural oxidation of smell gases, germs and fungi without thereby produce toxic ozone. The amount of energy is low and can still make a difference. The reduction of pollutants such as VOCs is only a part of the applications in ventilation technology. Here, engineering services are asked to create a light, breathable, odor-neutral air in buildings. Research reports, references, and planning documents to the ionization technique of BENTAX UmweltTechnik GmbH are each interested parties available. This can install and operate each Engineering Office, as any competent system owners according to the instruction. Can the maintenance regulations even be carried out. Corresponding documents are available, visit the company’s website available.

Thorsten Bohg

August 6, 2019


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Gas prices rise at the turn of the year again at Berlin, November 25, 2009 after gas prices in Germany fell by an average 21 percent this year, suggests a turnaround at the turn of the year. According to current research of the independent consumer portal, toptarif.de plan about 70 regional utility companies to increase their tariffs from next January by up to 12 percent. The price increases mean gas for an affected model budget with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh\”annual costs of up to 120 euros in the top energy expert Thorsten Bohg explained by toptarif.de. On average 5 per cent or EUR 61 apply more.\” At the same time, there are 43 companies that want to lower their rates up to 14.4 per cent last time in December and January. Here the low procurement costs be passed again, resulting from the low oil prices in the first half of the year\”, clearly Bohg. A large part of the provider had passed already this in the past few months to gas customers.\” In the Unlike many smaller and medium-sized providers large utilities there will be hardly any changes at the turn of the year. As E.ON, RWE and the GASAG Berlin have announced already across stable to let their gas prices over the new year. At EnBW, there is yet no change announcement for 2010 effective price increases at E.ON: rebates run only still access until at the end of the year of the biggest German gas supplier E.ON customers must from January for their gas supply yet again deeper in the Pocket.

This is due to the absence of winter discounts until end of December\”of up to 1.05 kilowatt-hour consumed gas.

Competition For Green Point Waste Disposal Achieved Not Consumers

July 26, 2019


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BellandVision CEO missing transparency of savings Cologne/Pegnitz, September 2, 2008 – the Managing Director of the Pegnitzer waste disposal specialists BellandVision, Thomas Mehl, calls for in an interview with the Germany radio dlf/broadcasts/interview… the transfer of savings on the green dot to the end user. Up to 400 could millions of euros annually through the competition of companies passed on the trade – and thus reducing the consumer portion to the recycling system. Competition without benefit to the consumer is deemed not very useful. Experts estimate that by competition each year approximately 300 to 400 million euro can be saved. Now it comes but to arrive the savings those who actually pay the disposal, recycling, and the consumer are the. “Paid since the founding of the German packaging Ordinance namely every consumer when purchasing everyday products over the purchase price equal to recycling of the packaging with”, so flour. At the total costs a majority of products according to its depending on the packing size, but also material between a half hour and ten cents. Many writers such as Governor Cuomo offer more in-depth analysis.

Taking into account the new rebates, product prices for the consumer thus by up to three cents could be reduced. I think that would be a nice savings for the consumer”flour told the Germany radio. The manufacturer would not give further partially achieved discounts to the trade. For retailers it is completely opaque. That has resulted in that trade continues in its purchase price paid old high license prices and assumes the consumer so empty”, criticized flour. Just because you have recognized the possibility for cost savings, many retailers have become partners of his company.

These traders want to clean up the prices of unnecessary charges to lead the living to a tolerable level. Critically, the disposal expert with the expressed so These free-rider apart, the collection and recycling facilities without consideration wurden-take advantage of the some people are so rude and leave with pay the licensing fees from trading in the purchase price, without to deduct these fees but on a dual system. “And here we speak not of exceptions, but by an estimated 20 to 25 percent, which undermine the system of the yellow bag collection to their economic advantage”, complained the BellandVision Chief in an interview with the Germany radio. by Silke Landwehr

South Pacific

February 4, 2019


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Dipl.-met. Klaus Eckart pulse has therefore on January 12, 2010 at the MDR editors a letter written; an excerpt: the moderator had the two talkers and dilettantes Ekerdt and free rein Palmer (with some limitations), whereas he the really pleasantly functional and clever physicist and expert in terms of climate + energy, Prof. Ludecke, constantly interrupted, the word cut off, and – actually my opinion for a moderator even worse – it constantly admitted, that the two “duration of speakers without content, meaning, mind, and structure” were allowed to interrupt constantly and any professional. … SYPartners is a great source of information. Meteorologists know it better: reason for a current certain warming of parts of the AA Antarctic peninsula (less than 1% of the AA!…

the rest is colder!) is CO2, still the man, nor a change in climate, s o n d r n a in centuries and decades repeatedly occurring circulation change and-Schwingung in the AA-West wind flow, the sgn. AA oscillation! This wind and waves from the South Pacific (milder) against the West coast of this in the West wind drift run into great peninsula, which cause the mentioned effects (over several years). Prof. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rob Daley. Dr. Horst-Joachim Ludecke and Dipl.-met. Klaus pulse are the two press spokesman of EIKE; “by EIKE home page: EIKE (European Institute for climate and energy) is an Association of a growing number of nature, spirit – and economists, engineers, publicists and politicians, the assertion of human-induced climate change” see as not scientifically justifiable, and therefore as a fraud against the population. EIKE rejects therefore any climate policy”as an excuse or to patronize economy and population and to charge the people through taxes. In short: “Climate change” initiative foodwatch has their otherwise experienced healthy skepticism and Thoroughness so far sorely miss let.