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November 25, 2016


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All marketing segments such as direct marketing, cross-marketing and Internet marketing have been merged to a big GeMax marketing mix. In addition, all new GeMax marketing campaigns for the hotel industry were presented. GeMax held a parallel event on the second day. Long-time members dealt in the same period with the future trends in the hotel industry”. The presentations for this industry news selected and through internal and external speakers such as Michael Thenner (blaueQuelle communication society mbH) and Birgit Weiss (leisure, Gottingen), practice-oriented presented Rudiger Krenz (AXA Service AG) and Werner Gartner (head of coaching at GeMax). “” “Of the talks: successful marketing strategies for a conference hotel”, the future business travel market requirements”and destination I: the traveler of tomorrow makes depends on the goal of the hotel” there from noon “” in-depth workshops with titles: analysis of the own marketing strategies and the steps to successful marketing as a conference hotel, my offer for the business travel market of tomorrow “or which offer niche can cover my hotel for the future?”. Two days compact knowledge for the participants plus possibility of deepening through external partners two strenuous, but beautiful and especially informative days are behind the participants.

In addition through the breaks like a conversation a good breather prepare for cooperation partners, exchange of between colleagues and the refreshing of friendly relations for all parties involved”to everyday business. To do this, an old sat GeMax Member operating: well, that was even more than good. Great input, good entertainment and informative talks we have moved our goals in the direction of “Insolence”…!” But also new members could barely contain your enthusiasm and communicated to GeMax company page on Facebook: it has made me a lot of fun and joy. It was my first time. Hope will not be the last. Lots of information and new ideas brought and also new people met and exchanged experiences.

Thank you.” For the first time in the program of events this year: the Company Y-site. It has paid off, says Lars bang, Managing Director of Y-site and commented on the event with the following statement: thank you for this event. We have enjoy a highly professional organization, interesting topics, a great programme and enthusiastic restaurateurs and hoteliers. We look forward to the deepening of contacts and successful collaboration.” Sandra Baltes of protel hotelsoftware GmbH added as a partner shortly but concisely: thank you very much for this successful event! Great speakers, great evening… We were impressed!” Also by GeMax would thank us! Thank you for the many participation, thank you for the great commitment of our Members, thank you for the many suggestions, we great conversations and this friendly “-feeling.” But above all, thank you for the trust placed in us in our daily work. Are living proof that the GeMax system works!