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Perrotti Cultural

May 29, 2021


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In accordance with Perrotti (1990, P. 15), a necessary comment mentions the culture concept to it, perhaps because it brings more problem that the child concept. What it interests is to question a conception of culture and cultural process for children. Of implicit or explicit form, always an equivalence between culture and cultural product is established, reducing the first term to as. Culture appears as the result of a process, the social inheritance. The cultural products would be expressions in a definitive way of life that, while such, if explains and if it justifies. To think the formation of the child under the optics of a capitalist society implies to perceive the necessity to reflect concerning the influences that social division of the work and the relations of social classroom exert on the educative process. In accordance with Fonseca ' ' …

In this model the bourgeois children are instrumentalizadas to direct the society and of the diligent classrooms they are formed for trabalho' ' (2004, P. 19). Thus, the child would socially assume the role of consumer of cultural goods taxes; the culture only finishes of a banalizada form serving as domination instrument and fits to the proper child the incumbency to assimilate and to adapt it the molds and standards established for the society. In the vision of Perrotti (1990), the world of the child suffers, in result of this change in the habits of the families, fatal consequences. What it was vital was, little by little, taken: the yard, the street, the garden, the square, the fertile valley, the free space. This taking of the Real tries to compensate with the symbolic one. It remains, therefore, to prevent boardings that treat the cultural production for children as necessity, remedy for males of the world. Thus the vision of cultural production for children, while one adjusts a necessity to it of the economic system in if reproducing, despite it is to the cost of the death of the playful one, of the pleasure, the creation, the adventure of the dream and the meeting in the diverse phases of educating.

Federal Universities

September 3, 2019


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Also it is of great importance in the study of the tectnicas plates, that allows to understand the formation of terrestrial crust of great scale, and thus to establish places that they can be explored of some form, as for example, search of oil or ores. 3.A GEOPHYSICAL IN BRAZIL the geophysicist in Brazil is relatively new, for being a scientific area little known, however, the majority of the phenomena studied for it, as for example, earthquakes and volcanos, are seen constantly in the media. Although the geophysicist not to have great impact in Brazil, in relation its spreading, the use of its methods is of great importance in the understanding of some natural phenomena. In 1984 the first course in Geophysicist in Brazil in the Astronomical and Geophysical Institute of the University of So Paulo was only created (USP), some years later the course it was implanted in the Federal University of the Bahia (UFBA), and thus in other Universities. The creation of this new course was of great importance, since the formed pupils at the time already would start to act as geophysical, and to contribute with ambient studies.

Although the growth of the population of geophysicists, Brazil still is devoid for these professionals, being that, in 1989 only 450 geophysicists existed, and if to take in consideration the territorial band of Brazil, that is very great, where still they exist you vary unexplored regions, is few geophysicists in Brazil in relation to other countries. So that this demand for geophysicists comes to diminish, it is necessary that the Universities that not yet work with the geophysicist start to think about the possibility of the creation of the course in the department, since on studies to the geophysicist is growing each time more in all Brazil. 4.CONSIDERAES FINAL We perceive that the necessary geophysicist of a bigger attention. the challenge is as to divulge the geophysicist and its methods in adequate and applicable way, in view of the spreading in the Federal Universities or even though implantation of the area as new course it physics department, since today only some federal universities, as, USP, UFBA and UFPA, possesss graduation in geophysicist. 5.REFERNCIAS 1 – 2 – 3 – 4-AURINO RIBEIRO SON, DIONICARLOS YOU WILL SOUND DE VASCONCELOS AND OLIVAL FREIRE Jr the French Contribution to Ensino and the Research in Geophysicist in the State of the Bahia, Reviewed Brazilian of Education of Physics, vol. 25, 2003.

DNA Action

October 5, 2016


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Although to present such variation, they possess, in common, insaturados rings that allow to the incorporation of electron excess and the consequent production of reactive free radicals. They can present another functional group that adds them new mechanisms of action, as alquilao (mitomicina C), enzymatic inhibition (actinomicina-D and mitramicina), or inhibition of the function of the DNA for intercalation (bleomicina, daunorrubicina and adriamicina and its analogous mitroxantona). As all the quimioterpicos, the antibiotics act in such a way on the malignant cells as on the normal ones. Therefore, also they present the calls collateral effect undesirable (Control of the cancer, 2006). The mitticos inhibitors can paralyze mitose in metfase, due to its action on the tubulina, formadora protein of microtbulos that constitute the spindle to espiralar, for which the chromosomes migram. In this way, the chromosomes, during metfase, are hindered of migrar, occurring the interruption of the cellular division (Control of the cancer, 2006).

This function has been useful in ‘ ‘ sincronizao’ ‘ of the cells when the mitticos inhibitors are combined with specific agents of phase S of the cycle. Had to its way of specific action, the mitticos inhibitors must be associates to other agents for bigger effectiveness of the chemotherapy In this group of drugs are enclosed the alkalis of wrinkle rsea (vincristina, vimblastina and vindesina) and the derivatives of the podofilotoxina (OV-16, etoposdeo; the VM-26, teniposdeo) (Control of the cancer, 2006) .2.3. The development of FrmacosDo clinical point of view, is important the development of frmacos with action on the intermediate metabolism of the cells in proliferation, therefore these agents are very studied and clinically used.