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Nests For Wild Bees Themselves Build

July 16, 2022


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BUILD you smart – the ‘ mini view nesting box WB-FE-MSK01’ the honey bee gives good insights into a wild bees year Germany has about 580 related species. Called these relatives because they tamed are not like the honey bee, wild bees. You are however not wilder”than other bees, but on the contrary, much more peaceful than the honey bee. Large differences in appearance and size, as well as in the way of life of the individual species. The pollination of plants is a priceless service of all wild bees. Disappear this hard-working summer, impoverished the diversity of plants and with her the basics of food for humans and animals. With this showcase for wild bees / solitary bees can experience how wild bees nesting help colonize in the spring, creating a brood cells for your descendants and are filled with pollen and nectar of your environment. Then, one can observe the development from egg to the flying insect (Imago) of the transparent film.

About 10 days after the egg hatches an eyes and legless larva which already short begins to eat (nectar porridge) pollen found in. After 3-4 weeks the larva has eaten the food supply. Then, the bee larva spins a cocoon by she themselves verpuppt. Early September slips the young bee, but remains up to the beginning of the flight in April of the following year in a protective cocoon. In the spring, the bees through cocoon and clay walls gnaw. The males will hatch a few days before the females.

Therefore the bee mother has ensured already during the construction of the line nest, that is in the front brood cells (nest output) male and in the rear brood females develop. Educate yourself with thoughts from Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX. With the help of this nesting can not only the life cycle of a wild bees be observed, one fruit and vegetable pollination support at the same time in your own garden. More information and a free building instructions can be picked up on the Web page.

Dogs Forest Hotel Karwe GbR

May 6, 2022


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Hotel Karwe GbR informs the dogs forest travel time has already arrived. For various reasons, it may happen that the beloved dog can not come. Would you not expect the travel him or not is the destination according to the needs of a dog. The possibility of accommodation with acquaintances falls away, dog hotels offer the optimal solution. For the dog is there, the hotel must meet some criteria. Dean gibson has plenty of information regarding this issue. What they are, declares the dog Hotel dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR”from Karwe. Even by the condition of the hotel, convince the range of dog hotels, which offer the best care for the four-legged, is great. But not all actually offer their services mentioned. So it makes sense to visit the hotel previously. Gibson dean pursues this goal as well. It is on-site, you can convince yourself of equipment and personnel and see whether other dogs that are housed there, make a good impression. Also the outer impression should be criteria that meet a dog Hotel how all facilities play a important role. It is maintained, allowing his dog like there. Of course, the hotel is important. The accommodation should be friendly and spacious. The supply of feed must also humanely and be individual. The kitchen where the food is prepared is clean? Be considered individual eating habits? These are points that you should be aware of. Dogs are active and require much outlet. Therefore, it is ideal if the hotel has a spacious free-wheeling Park by the dogs can play. The quality of personnel is crucial so that they feel the dog. Preferably it is trained employees who are perfectly familiar with dogs and lovingly deal with them. A dog hotel, which takes into account the above factors, both master and dog can handle relaxing holidays against. For detailed information, hotel for dogs is dogs forest Hotel Karwe GbR”from Kadam at any time at the disposal. Press contact: Dogs Forest Hotel Karwe GbR contact person: Heidi Plohn Karwer Heide 1 16818 Karwe Tel.: 03 39 25-900 100 mobile: 0162-233 75 95 fax: 03 39 25 – 9 09 80 E-Mail: Homepage:

Pet Owners Liability

March 31, 2022


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Must dog owners take out insurance? There is a general obligation to conclude of a dog owner liability insurance for all dog owners in some German Federal States now. There, small and even large dogs must be insured. In other areas, only certain breeds or animals classified as fighting dogs, must be insured. However, the regulations differ from federal State to federal State, sometimes there are stricter rules in individual cities and towns. If you can prove then no corresponding dog owner liability insurance, a fine threatens. n.

The private liability insurance is not sufficient. Additional information is available at Cedars Sinai. Regardless of the legislation every dog owner should complete anyway an appropriate liability insurance for his animal, to protect themselves from financial risks. What liability risks? On the basis of the so-called strict liability dog owners must come up generally for all damages, your dog is – even if the dog owner no fault of their own hits. Smaller damages can be the dirty white carpet of the neighbors when Bello has cleaned his muzzle or paws it. It will be more expensive if the dogs all of a sudden ausbuchst, on the road running and a car this raises a traffic accident. In case of doubt, the dog owner for all costs must come up if he can demonstrate an appropriate insurance policy. Injury of course are an extreme case, such as when a dog bites.

These represent the exception under the claims, but that the more expensive. What hedging opportunities are there? Over the Internet a corresponding policy can be completed with a sufficient sum from about 40,-euro per year. The dog owners liability insurance examines the claim and assume the costs if the claim is justified. Even for so-called combat dogs, now similarly priced offerings are offered by some insurance companies. In addition to a reasonable price should Make dog owners the amount of the sum of insured. Consumer advocates recommend mostly a security amounting to at least 3 million euros for damage to persons or. A selection of different dog owner liability insurance including comparison of prices and conditions as well as further information about the insurance protection for animals can be found on the website of animal Portal.young-insurance.de.

Schonfelder DogCoaching

December 17, 2018


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The tips of the top dog school your mobile dog trainer: so your dog feels probably salt and ice in winter especially in the cities, there is the problem of ice and salt on sidewalks and roads. May be salt still as practical to eliminate the risk of slipping, for dog paws it is poison. Western Union gathered all the information. Prevention: A greasy, the water repellent cream in your hands massage before going to dog-walking. Go for a walk as the not sprinkled throughout. Take rather a few minutes of time, to get in nature, that is not contaminated with road salt.

Result of walking on salted surfaces is a brittle, cracked skin on the ball of the toe, corresponding itching, inflammation and a related anxiety of your dog’s. Unfortunately it can be but often do not prevent the dog-walking speed”to start already at the doorstep. Therefore the Paws of the dog should with lukewarm water after walking are thoroughly washed and subsequently rubbed with a greasy cream (about deer tallow ointment). If you have no way to be able to run with your dog not diversified channels the purchase of dog shoes is”definitely considering. Often there are also injuries injuries by iterating on question floors. Cuts can occur even with frozen snow and ice. Please keep in mind that also dogs into seemingly frozen ponds and water courses can break. Prevention: never ice rinks frozen to run on the dog.

Many eat snow dogs tend to eat snow in the winter. An unpleasant result can be particularly inflammation of the pharynx, where the tonsils are the preferred area of disease. The dog chokes most tenacious mucus in this case and is also trying to vomit. Prevention: immediately stop the snow eating! Instead of to not stick or ball, please have snowballs throw. After the walk after spending time outdoors, you should be sure to examine the paw and salt residue free. Especially between the claws can also insert grit and significant pain prepare the dog. Basically, you should just bathing your dog, if it is really necessary. Often it is enough to wipe the dog with a damp cloth. Keep in mind Please, that dog shampoos also attack the fatty layer of the skin and your dog loses its natural protection against the cold. Visit a dog hairdresser should be only in the spring back on the schedule. “Take” your dog otherwise his natural winter jacket “. Should it still unavoidable, you think about an artificial replacement jacket”(see above) after. The coach of the top dog school wish you and your dog lots of fun and health! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 64 68 98 12 Tel.: + 49 (0) 17 22 71 66 97