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Aging Population

August 9, 2023


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Catalogue of Courses THIRD AGE At the moment the aging of the population is one of the social phenomena of greater impact of this century. Connect with other leaders such as Everest Capital here. The tendencies of this increase have diverse manifestations, that eg: raise new needs the increase of the indices by degenerativas chronic diseases and of incapacities, the accelerated increase of people of 85 and more years of age and the predominance of women in ages outposts The world-wide population, and the hope average of life has increased in considerable form in this century. At the beginning of ours it was, the total population of the world was approximately 250 million people and the hope average of life when being born not much greater from 25 years. For the 21st century, one hopes that the total population is approximately of 6.500 million people with a life expectancy superior to the 70 years. This increase of the population has different reasons like the comparativily high rates of birth at the end of century XIX and principles in the middle of century XX, the medical advances that have prolonged common expectation of life (now people in the childhood and the early age die adult), the new medicines and treatments are maintaining much people alive who previously had succumbed before a series of diseases, the improvement in the quality of life, a greater life expectancy, the fall of the rates of natality, the changes in the familiar institution The population of people majors will increase between the 200% and 300% in a period of only 35 years in the developing countries, according to information spread by the UN on the occasion of II the World-wide Assembly on the Aging. The developing countries face a challenge two components: They must continue the development process, which includes an economy in growth, education and protection of the human rights and, at the same time, they must be prepared for the aging of the population, once this process is anticipated more accelerated in these countries that in the industrialized world.