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Management And Implementation Of Strategies

July 30, 2013


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A good management must always have clearly defined plans, especially its strategic planning on the basis of the enterprise to an operation, according to the requirements of the current scenarios, especially where it operates. You should know to anticipate change, threats and take advantage of opportunities, knowing the proper integration of the resources of the company to draw up measures to promote the mission, vision, direction, where members engage in the business. It is therefore necessary to have a proactive management capable of implementing the strategies needed to strengthen the defined strategic plan and leading the company down the path to provide good results.

General considerations and scope The current reality of l behavior of the stage, show characteristics that are reflected in some significant turbulence, resulting from the action of many variables surrounding therein expressed, ranging from the actions and state intervention with programs, policies, laws, standards, suppliers, competitors, consumers, economics to name a few forcing management to defining what is the strategic plan to follow, very well set the scope, impact of the strategies to be followed, in favor of that plan achieve its objectives. Clemencia Morales reminds us that a strategy is an integrated and coordinated set of commitments and actions designed to deliver value to customers and gain a competitive edge by taking advantage of market opportunities. From here, indicating, to manage the strategy requires some assessment of it, its impact, scope, above, to enable their development and implementation. Of course, this process requires a set of commitments, decisions and actions necessary to allow the company to compete.