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April 29, 2020


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Pensions currently plays a major and above all more important role than ever. Michael Turgut considers inevitable retirement against the backdrop of the emerging socio-demographic facts. The numbers of the German Institute for retirement can therefore from today’s point of view imagine terrible: then would have a so-called corner pensioners, so a citizen, or a citizen, the or the 45 years in the statutory pension insurance has paid, now a legal right to a statutory pension of around 1.000,–euros. For financial professional Michael Turgut it shows, that the current discussion about the future of the statutory pension insurance still not intensive enough runs. After”, so Michael Turgut, virtually every employee should asks today to provide privately in addition to a possible statutory and occupational pension claims.” Ultimately the generational contract and the consequent pay-as-you-go of statutory pensions remains. This means that the monthly contributions,.

deposited in the Pension Fund, serve not the own interest, but rather to today’s pensioners immediately paid off. Later, so generational, his pension is used then the following generation. The contributor paid individual in the pension fund based therefore no own financial assets, such as an individual savings, but must trust that is the next generation in the location, to finance his pension rights. The inevitable result of the current demographic trends more pensioners and fewer contributors is that the performance level of statutory pensions must be stagnant and lowered for years. Personal responsibility in the age of retirement planning is therefore more important than ever when the citizen wants to enjoy his life in retirement and be also financially well catered to, he must provide absolutely in time even from today’s perspective. The statutory pension must be regarded it as one of several pillars of supply, certainly remain as a Corner post can apply, but can be on that alone probably not reliable. Michael Turgut emphasizes however that the current Federal Government is aware of the problem for years, but failures from the past and with a rapid demographic change in the structure of the population is facing the Federal Republic of Germany. “Michael Turgut literally: currently the right way is covered although bashed but still too short part of the route.” Michael Turgut advises its clients in tangible assets such as gold and real estate investing. Here is its capital according to Michael Turgut solid return with the Sicherherheit to get. The right thing in times of crisis.