Second World War

June 5, 2021


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His name is widely known sand beach Gun Beach received a tiny orange particles in the form of stars, imbedded in the sand. In fact, they are microscopic remnants of shells of the simplest organisms, which are still found on the reefs of Guam. Do not forget about solid gifts, such as those that do not present the hero of the day sin among relatives or supervisor. All Territory of Guam is a duty-free status, so that the island is a continuous "duty free" shop. This fact, as well as proximity to major industrial centers of Asia, allows for a reasonable price to buy products all kinds of famous brands (clothes, watches, leather goods, perfumes, jewelry), as well as electronics and luxury items.

Undoubtedly, such gifts – practical and solid, acquired in Tumon, to a certain Shopping Center Gallery, will be a pleasant surprise for both men, the fashion conscious and for women of any age and social status. But if you want the gifts brought from exotic edges, and had exotic flavor, then it is essential to pay attention to the product of craftsmen. The indigenous people of Guam – Chamoru – fine artisans. So be sure to bring the island brown wood snake. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from IT Brand Pulse. No, of course, not real, but manufactured by the skillful hands of carvers. This snake venomous but not dangerous to humans, is a kind of local landmark. On the island she was accident: it somehow brought from New Guinea shortly after the Second World War.