Print on Packages

November 9, 2019


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Print on the packages – one of the most common types of advertising. Many companies have resorted to this just advertising techniques to attract potential audience. However, advertising on the package has a more indirect effect on consumer. This is due to the fact that man has learned to put barriers in their minds, which prevent the penetration of advertising information. Direct influence on the mind is very difficult. It remains to affect the subconscious.

Therefore, the printing on the packages of advertising information (or a corporate logo) is one of the best ways to influence. Why do I need a package? To move it some things. To this end, his man, and uses. At the forefront of he functionality of the package. If a packet of good quality: sturdy, roomy, comfortable – it will use them long enough. And if you're on such a package place your logo, it will inevitably be print out in his subconscious in the process of using the package.

That is why printing on the packages – one of the most efficient and cost-effective advertising tools. Print on the packages in a few ways. Y Each of these printing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. One way to print on the packages – flexography. Flexo is used to print on packages in large editions. It provides high quality images and fast production times. Offset printing on bags is also characterized by good quality and allows you to combine elements of white space and printed images. Silkscreen or screen printing on packages, used to print small runs. The thickness of the layer of the image is higher than in offset printing, so the picture is brighter and richer colors. In addition, printing can be carried out not only on a flat surface. Print on the packages using silk – the best option to prepare for the presentation. Flat foil stamping can be applied without changing the image of the relief material. Blind embossing printing on the packages used to add gloss and depth of obtaining relief image.