Percentage Crisis

November 14, 2023


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Therefore, we can say that in the showroom to take credit is safer psychologically. If you’re going to buy a car on credit watch for a joint stock car dealership and a bank, the conditions can be very attractive. The financial crisis has certainly made itself felt in the automotive sector. For example, sharply increased the percentage of delays in considering applications for loans. If the earlier expectation of an answer within 1-2 days, but now 4 days. To read more click here: SYPartners. However, for people who think – to buy a car or not advantageous to still purchase the property, since it is unknown what will happen to prices after the crisis. Plus, now quite a lot proposals for discounts on cars. Despite the delay in consideration of loans, banks will become cleaner client portfolio, the crisis will automatically “filter” the bully.

If a person is confident in his income, he good credit history – no need to fear that the bank can refuse you. Another option that the current situation is even more relevant than a loan – this installment. This service involves the introduction of payment 50% of the car’s cost, the remaining amount the customer pays no interest for a stated period of time (up to 3 years). Additional costs the client only include payment for Hull and fees for issuance and maintenance settlement of a credit card designed to make payments on the installment plan. In the near future, due to the crisis, we forecast growth in demand for hire, for a term of the application for it is only a few hours, a minimum set of documents.