Patricia Villanueva Coach

June 16, 2016


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It is important to point out that the final decision of the candidate is the direct Chief of the vacancy. Human resources works as an advisor in the process, but responsible for selecting is the head whereas the information which it has been collected in the process. When the size of the company justifies it, you can include within the process to internal customers of the position to cover, who can provide observations of behaviors that they expect to receive from the prospective employee. What happens when there is a human resources department? Practice common is that recruitment is carried out via an external agency and the selection is attributed to the head of the vacant position, or the same areas that carry out the process, delegating the publication of vacancies to administrative assistants and the selection in the direct heads of vacancies. Controlled and planned inclusive processes allow to obtain a vision more complete and comprehensive of the reality of a candidate, selecting the right people to participate in the selection process enriches the objectivity in making wise decisions. The next time you have a vacancy I invite you to that you detengs a moment to think who can enrich the information to get to know people that will drive value to your company. If you want to know more about this and other recommendations on employment, support you in where you will find various employment options and tips on many subjects that they will surely be of interest to you.