June 14, 2013


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The fourth page congregates elements that subsidize the continuity of the treatment of the patient, the evaluation of the cares of nursing, aiming at the improvement of the quality of the given service and the auditorship of nursing. In the hospital environment, the doctors demand cares special to the requested aspects of health in the handbook and the administration of the hospital demands devotion and efficiency in the description total of the data and information that will be part of the invoicing and collection of empresa' '. This, however, demands of the sector of nursing of the hospital clearer, less complex and more objective notations. Therefore, it requires of responsible for this function in the hospital concentration and cares, in order to prevent incorrect interpretations e, consequentemente, comments. The fifth page deals with the orientation and of the necessary cares it stops with the notations in the handbook of the patient, including the justifications for the accomplishment of procedures and the importance of the signatures of the responsible professionals for the execution of the action or, in the case of the cancellation of this, the opening of new item. All medication and/or given care must be checked and be signed by the responsible professional for that action; to pass penxs on of what already it is written; if in case that the action will not be carried through or to occur error in the notation, to justify not the execution of the circular care to open new schedule, to place between parentheses the exception: I say, to suspend, to modify and to open new item, being written that determined item it is cancelled. The sixth page tells the importance of the medical lapsing for the order of materials to the pharmacy in the internal environment of the hospital. The doctor signs the lapsings and the nurse or technician before requesting the lapsing it necessary pharmacy to make the order of materials and to exclude the unnecessary ones. The seventh page contains important suggestions related to the behavior of the nursing professional front the terms that must be prevented in the registers of the handbook of the patient. In the handbook of the patient terms must be prevented that give value connotation as: well, badly, much, sufficiently, little, reasonable, regular, abnormal behavior, as well as normal physiological habits without intercorrncias and complaints. One adds despite being, all the medication and or given care dev