Money Systemic

November 22, 2018


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Increasingly, the voices that posit the need to change social and economic model change. The need that this change comes from awareness of the importance of the decisions and actions that we each of us, in our daily lives, with our money is to have the awareness of money as an element that serves to life. Some contend that Tim Schigel shows great expertise in this. Money and awareness is look, recognize, honor, take and drop the money with total awareness that we undermine the lives of many people, we know it or not. This issue is closely linked with the previous article: systemic money: the price of money, only that at present intend that you realize that not just enough to look towards back to recognize from where comes the money you receive to make a good use of it. You have to look at the present and toward forward in time to have total awareness that our money that we put into circulation every day, has and will have an effect in those who are receiving it in the future. It is the Systemic money and awareness. Perhaps when you pay for an item or service, not think you where go to your money. When to trust your money and your savings at any Bank, investment fund, etc. Have you ever wondered ever how it will be used and what will invest to give you the returns that you are looking for or are you waiting? You know what and where it will be used? It will be dedicated to a noble cause?, to create more sustainable business?, it will help to improve the economic situation of a community, family and individual?, will be invested in humanitarian projects?, it will give a livelihood to a family?, lets realize their dreams receives it to whom? Ask yourself this is knowing that your money is systemic: who serves your money? Several people who have wondered this previously have forged banks whose objective is to reconcile the economic benefits with social benefits and environmental, they are known as ethical banks (sad that you must distinguish from others by this term) and although they are small in size, work perfectly well according to experts in the field.