Meditation – A Beginner Recommendations

October 12, 2019


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To study any suitable solid surface, which is enough to lay gymnastic mat. If you go to the floor, make sure there are no drafts. If necessary, you can hide. You can include meditation music. Lay down your head to the north, raskinte hands to the sides, palms upward. Close your eyes and relax. Muscle relaxation plays an important role.

When the muscles are relaxed, blood circulates more easily in them, washing out metabolites and feeding it with oxygen. When deep relaxation comes a feeling of warmth in the muscles. Converse is also true – if you willed meditation causes a feeling of warmth in her hand, her muscles relax. How to relax the recalcitrant muscle? To this end, in the eastern practice long used effective methods. The most common – to represent the severity of the limb. Facilitator says: "your arm hard, your muscles swell weight, etc. We, on the contrary, instead of gravity, practice feeling of bliss.

Facilitator says: "on your hand poured negative; heat from the sun fills it completely, you feel joy, warmth, and the bliss". Working with bliss, the results of our research institute, not only effective but also devoid of some of the shortcomings that are present when dealing with weight. Not all beginners once enter into a trance state. Do not expect the vision at the very first lesson. In order to enter into a trance to to achieve deep relaxation. This skill can come immediately, but may be a month after classes begin. Your task for the first time – just lying relaxing, listening to music and enjoy the process. Thought not related to the present moment, it is better to postpone it for later. Just relax and rejoice, and your body at this time will gain strength. It is also very important. If suddenly you have a sense of mission, sense of rotation of your body, or there images – do not panic. Rejoice and enjoy. Now your body is powerfully healthier and gaining strength. Allow yourself the luxury to stay in this state longer – it's very pleasant. Now you can discreetly ask questions himself, and to receive answers to them from my subconscious, because in a trance state is dominated by the work of the right hemisphere of the brain responsible for intuition. However, excessive perseverance and wisdom at this moment can stimulate the work of the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for logic and awareness, and if you 'throw' of the trance state.