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October 8, 2023


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That one that teaches, learns. The giver becomes who receives. That one that cure will be cured. The wounded custodian is enabled to cure. But that one that it imprisons, becomes prisoner. Inside of a book, the word, in the word, the truths of each reader.

The dreams are the truths beyond me. When I am imprisoned to my proper image (SHADE), I get loose myself of it unfastens what me. The release happens when my attention is not in me, it is not in my image. This image is the mask that requests the satisfaction to me of the other. To this it fixes me image in the mirror, that is the lake of Narcissus. the proper lake never arrives to know Narcissus, therefore proper it also is imprisoned, being imprisoner. Thus Wilde Oscar counts, who the lake cried when Narcissus died: ' ' I cry for it because, all the times that it lay down itself on my edges, I could see, in the deep one of its eyes, my proper beauty refletida' ' (Pablo Rabbit, the lake and Narcissus. In: Magazine GAC, Periodical the Gazette? 19I12I2010).

When I imprison my look in me, I see what I think that the other sees. I to the other imprison the other me and same. Thus, Narcissus and the lake, only becomes one, each one absorbing the other, thinking to be proper itself. I am reflecting on in the distance, the lack, the pregnant emptiness, the homesickness. All these words report to one alone thing: what there it is not searched, because it lacks. the search finda with the joy of the meeting. The meeting is to perpassar, not a permanence. Therefore the search is infinda. Therefore the joy is not permanent. It inhabits in perpassar, then it is necessary to search more and of new infinitely and. The natural consequence of the search is the meeting (who search finds, always in the last place or time).