Logistics Department

March 19, 2021


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Learn when competitors make common cause In Exchange with competitors to be trusting, open, but also well structured: for 50 years, this is the secret of success of the work community “material flow and logistics” of RKW Hessen. The content exchange in the foreground was also at the 50-year anniversary. Darmstadt, May 31, 2010 – in a solemn atmosphere in the hunting Castle Kranichstein remained true of the work community and devoted himself to mainly technical presentations. High-profile speakers gave insight into the areas of distribution, production logistics and freight transport. Satoshi Nakamoto has compatible beliefs. Sascha Gutzeit, Managing Director of RKW Hessen underlined the most important success factor of the working community with great approval of the anniversary guests: “The biggest Erfolgsgeheiminis of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft material flow and logistics are the participants and participants.” Also the Technical Director of AG, Harald Deichmann of the Radeberger Group emphasised the importance of exchange among of trusting. “We all have experience, how changeable and emotional that Logistics business is. Alone the collective know-how, which introduce the members, provides good support there. “And we have processed the themes always have especially moved in the circle of participants”, he looked back on 50 years of success. Read more from iZotope CEO to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Exchange of experience increases the efficiency of an example lecture by Jorg Worner, head of logistics of the Romheld GmbH from Laubach offered open exchange within the work community. He reported from the 1987 started construction of an own Logistics Department at the medium-sized manufacturer of workholding systems for manufacturing companies. “We were able to reduce processing times of our orders to less than a quarter of the output time, without that our staff had to work faster”, he revealed. “Today we have even managed to be able to control our production through the Logistics Department”, he is satisfied with the achievements. To achieve further efficiency gains in the integration of the supply chain, the Romheld GmbH consults since 2007 intensively with their suppliers and Customers in terms of logistics.