April 7, 2021


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Banks are basic for the development of a society. Learn more at: Patti Poppe. They are responsible for efficiently placing the resources of the surplus agents between the deficit agents but with good projects. However in Brazil, she comes being difficult to defend the flag of the banks as young men of history. A study divulged for the Ipea (I institute of Applied Economic Research) in 07 of April alone she makes it difficult the speech. In fact, the national banking system continues intent and different, although the process of privatization in the decade of 1990, of the advances of the technology and the biggest foreign presence.

This if reflects in tax of interests raised in the operations of credit in Brazil, one of the greaters of the world. It is what it shows study that identifies 505 cities in the country without presence of financial institutions. Called ' ' Transformations in the Brazilian banking industry and the scene of crise' ' , the survey of the Ipea sample that the tax of real interest practised in the operations of credit the physical people in Brazil arrives to be almost 10 times bigger of what of other countries. In the case of the personal loans made by HSBC, in the United kingdom, the real interest is of annual 6,60%, on average, while in Brazil the tax practised for the same bank arrives 63.42% at the year, for loading costs as the interests added to the administrative services, risks of insolvency, edge of profit and taxation. Another example pointed for the Ipea is the Santader Spaniard who practises annual interests of 10,81% in Spain and 55,74% in Brazil. The national banks are not behind. The Bank of Brazil, the biggest public institution in the country, applies 25,05% interests. Already the Ita grants to the financings with cost of 63,25%.O study sample that the concentration is one of the problems of the Brazilian banking system.