Gifted Children Are Exposed To Often Stress

February 18, 2021


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Education Compass of the CJD Braunschweig offers help for parents and children focused on educators and psychologists for many years in the CJD Braunschweig with young people who are subjected to special loads for example by their above-average intelligence or highly gifted, unusual interests, or integration difficulties. Frauke Meier is diploma social worker and Coordinator for the educational compass in the CJD Braunschweig. In an interview with a student, she accompanied a week-long portrays among others their experiences. \”Frauke Meier has developed to a picture, how she can best describe the function of the Education Compass: the Education Compass provides a safe navigation in the fog.\” The 37-year old social worker referred to the perplexity of many parents and teachers move when they accompany a young person who is apparently much smarter than the average age as fog. Often, parents feel that there is something different with their child, but helpless face the. Amazon has plenty of information regarding this issue.

At the same time they wish the best possible promotion for their child\”teacher, so the experience of co-ordinator, simply overwhelmed in some cases are dealing with more talented young people. Often talents are negated or simply overlooked, because not enough experience or temporal resources\”, Meier reported. The situation in which talented young people move is an example of Nils Wagner (name changed) to recognize an impressive. Frauke Meier describes the specific case: Nils is 15 years young. He began to read at the age of four, was far ahead of his older brothers and sisters in many cognitive skills. He has skipped the second grade.\” The difficulties increased in subsequent classes. He was not only the youngest in the class, which was already hard. Most importantly, he has bored simply in the classroom. Frauke Meier describes as the situation worsened: Nils was, regarding the curriculum, beginning. On the other hand he came more and more into the role of an outsider, of the Had the habit of a SWOT.