Gas Braking

March 8, 2021


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When setting off the wheel exactly . Which drive is better than downhill? Here the way to mention one thing: to rear wheel drive to enter the mountain is easier because the car squats at the start and rear axle load increases, respectively, reducing the likelihood of slipping. US Parcel Service often addresses the matter in his writings. A leading front when starting on a hill, on the contrary, unloaded. Hence famous recipe: the front-drive bully on the hill in reverse. However, one should not overestimate this way – might be better to move cautiously down and try again, but stronger than speeding. Of course, if all around No standing machines, which can scratch yours, slid sideways. Rule number 3. If possible, better engine braking.

Incidentally, today's machines, as a rule, do not permit – they "understand" that the gas is released driver is likely to want to slow down the engine. And, of course, do not wait for the braking vehicle dynamics of something supernatural. It is necessary to keep a greater distance and brake early. Damned summer habit of making themselves felt: the driver presses on the accelerator and expect the usual in such cases, the reaction of the machine – and it all goes. Better, left the court immediately, without waiting for the life force, to do some test brake and immediately understand, that from this process can be expected.

Those who have abs, it remains simply to put pressure on the pedal. In the absence of abs, it can be simulated is called intermittent braking. There are still staged, when the force changes from depression time to time, as well as many other species.