Football Coach

July 8, 2018


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Coach classes: various studies by psychologists and other specialists have established that there are 3 types of coaches depending on your personality. 1) PRAGMATIC AUTHORITARIAN. Features:-I command and control. -Only he cares about winning. -It is the only one that makes the decisions. -The player is limited to listening, assimilate and fulfill what is asked. -The players become Robots. -Methods: standards, rigidity, sanctions, shouting.

-It is the classic Sargento de Hierro or Mister whip. -Positive aspects: Organization, discipline, aggressiveness, fighting etc – negative aspects: there is a bad atmosphere in the team. (2) COOPERATIVE DEMOCRATIC. Features:-always assume their responsibilities of management and leadership but not for that reason stop sharing decision of certain types of decision in which all team members participate. -Is open, Dialogante and Comunicativo. -Know about goal-setting and learns to soccer players to strive to achieve them. -Aspects Positive: Creates a good atmosphere within the template.

Negatives: There is some indiscipline in the team and the performance is not 100%. (3) SUB ROMANTIC. Features:-whenever she can refrains from making decisions. -Gives few instructions. -You don’t have much influence on the footballer. -Acts with some apathy / laziness. -Tends to be soft, quiet, calm etc – has experience on the bench. Positive aspects: Handles well the costume and usually be respected because of their age. It gives some freedom to the stars of the team and knows them handle with left hand. Negatives: Exists in the team excessive apathy and relax. According to every typology and in relation to footballers have to: coach type 1 would be good for players undisciplined, individualistic and elements not accustomed to meet certain standards of behavior. COACH type 2 would be appropriate for players of quality, creative and talented. COACH type 3 is that would better fit with veteran players and with so-called cracks. THE COACH IDEAL. The big question is always, what style is best? I honestly think that they all have their good things and others that are not so or which are even negative.