Fix Couples Problems

February 10, 2020


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The fights of couples are usually due to that we don’t like the behavior of the other. Learn more on the subject from Thredup. It suffices that there is only a small rancor saved for our partner to make this generator of new and endless discussions. It is essential that we take consciousness that we should forgive and forget the mistakes of the past if what we want is to be happy and make happy our loved. Maybe have reason, and maybe not, that matter, the important thing is to preserve a good relationship and to achieve this, many times we will have to give the arm twisting and from a very humble place accept the form of being another and forgive. I propose an exercise to strengthen the tie and make the situation better:-by a month an integer, every day, write down in a notebook all the virtues of your partner. Includes everything what you like of him/her, what you admire, what satisfies you, what makes you well, that you love, etc. Also write down all the wonderful memories you have with that person, the good moments that passed and in the moments that made you so happy. When there are problems in the relationship, look at your notebook, everything you listed and get to relive those moments. Remove your attention from their defects or what makes it bad, and just focus on that wonderful list.If you do it sincerely will see your relationship and your partner becoming and llenandote of satisfactions. Visit my blog to see more articles like this, or to resolve other aspects of your life: original author and source of the article.