Exercises Easy

May 3, 2013


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First that everything must be clear on something, that really will make you to windowsill won’t go out and run an hour, or be that same time on a treadmill, forget about that. No doubt cardiovascular exercise will help you to your well-being and the health of your heart, never cease to be important, but what really will make you go down in weight and look good is to build muscle. Here I bring you 10 exercises to lose weight so that you can make them in your House, if you do them well with the frequency adequate (3 times per week) will be able to see changes in your body in a short time. Before you begin it is important that you know something, all the exercises we do here are not isolated, moving various parts of your body to maximize how your body works. 1 Lizards or planchasPuede it seem strange that this simple movement is one of those they most recommend in this article.

The classic iron trains the upper train: chest, shoulders, triceps, abdominals, and lower gear part: lower back and buttocks. Why burn fat? The more muscles you work, more muscle build. And muscles burn calories. How to do it? They are lizards or normal plates: their legs, hands under the shoulders. Keep the body rigid, descend until your chest touches the floor. Then push backwards until your arms are extended.

Image: 2. squats with your body weight exercises for legs working hundreds of muculos at the same time, and most importantly, the muscles that are working are quite large (meaning consuming many calories) as the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. The sentillas are the most effective exercise to build muscle and burn fat. How to do it? Stand with your hands behind your head, chest out, and elbows backwards. Sit on the hips and bending the knees to lower your body as far as possible, without losing the natural arch of the spine.