Executive Coaching

March 20, 2013


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Another important aspect, which should take into account when selecting strategies that facilitate learning in the Coachee and that as a result, there is a change in terms of its linguistic, emotional appearance and body guard relationship with assumptions or principles of adult learning which must enter the Coach in his models of coaching: adults with a positive concept of themselves (or descriptions to fence themselves) learn best if you feel less threatened by a learning situation. Establishing a climate of confidence and mutual respect through a Feedback and a commitment to genuine with the agenda and needs of the Coachee, the tutor can encourage and support learning. Coaching is related to the development and empowerment of the strengths of the individual. It should be the Coach to use techniques that enhance and promote resources that the pupil uses in the Alliance. The experiences successes and past failures, and preferred learning methods are part of the resources and experiences of the coachee. Sometimes the cochee is not able to determine your specific needs in a context of personal, corporate or Executive Coaching. One of the functions of the Coach is to give the opportunity to assess and clarify their needs in the current circumstances.

This can be done in several ways, which include the analysis of values, dissatisfaction and aspirations, as well as the consideration of things that should be changed or the verification of formal requirements in the scope of a specific situation of private or working life. Coaching should not remain ever in the hypothetical sphere, but that its field of action is always linked with practical issues and real life. One of the functions of the guardian/coach is to ensure that the ward’s opportunities to apply what has been commented on and learned in coaching sessions to the situation in real life, and control, give and receive Feedback on the practical application of new or improved techniques and capabilities.