Coaching And Motivation

June 15, 2013


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Traditionally the weakest competence of the Executive, has always been the management of performance and motivation of its employees. Good technical preparation contrasts with the lack of relational competencies. This has led to continuity of autocratic models or other styles virtually incompatible with the development of intellectual capital in the company. No doubt that the performance is linked to motivation, a good motivation leads to continuous actions, but the outcomes are most important, then there are other factors that are above the continuous actions and it is the system of beliefs in the subconscious mind of people, some people are striving constantly and no doubt this will give good results over time, but if you are able to change certain limiting beliefs then fabulosos results can be obtained. In the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt taught us how to create reality, regardless of what you want to, can already be double sales in one Organization, to diversify production, get couple, etc. All this is due to a mental set, by reading this book you will find the principles to make the ideas work, because you will know the appropriate way to internalize a desire and make that desire to take an extraordinary force, then the realization will happen. Coaching, using a structured methodology, carries out approaches that allow us to work on the improvement of performance and in the development of the potential of people. This tool will work always and when information can be lifted to a level deeper material, is necessary to enter the drawing mental and spiritual, there will need to find the harmony of the goals we have set, no doubt that this opens a world of extraordinary opportunities. Organizations that are decidedly committed to the development of intellectual capital, found in coaching an invaluable model, to reach the person.