September 30, 2019


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If we look for in Greek the meaning of attitude we need comes from the word "stas??" (Stasis), meaning "position", "stability", "get high." Comes from the Latin word "attitude" which means "get tough", "stand", "posture of the human body, especially when it is determined by the movements of the mind, or a statement about efficiency," "mood manifested somehow. " In Spanish has the same meaning as the above words. Given all the above definitions, we could say that "attitude" is how we face life and its circumstances (obstacles, difficulties etc.) Ortega y Gaset would say. According to psychology focusing on the person of Carl Rogers, attitudes are internal and give rise to our behavior. Maxwell in his book "What makes the difference," says that the origin of our attitude is in our thoughts. That is how we think determines our attitude. If our thoughts are positive, we will have a positive attitude towards life and its adversities. If instead of positive thoughts, our mind generates negative thoughts, our attitude towards life and the difficulties will be negative, pessimistic, bitter etc.

In his book "The Power of Additional Factor," Norman Vincent Peale tells an anecdote. As he walked through the streets of Hong Kong stopped in front of a place where tattoos were in the window watching the models of tattoos, I noticed a sign that said "born to lose." He immediately went into the tattoo shop and asked the Chinese tattoo artist, if there is actually someone who wants to wear those awful words in your body. The tattooist replied in broken English and golpendo his forehead with his fingers, "before the tattoo is in the body, the tattoo is first in the mind." People can tattoo ideas in our minds positive and negative ideas. Our attitude depends on what kinds of thoughts tattooed on our minds. The attitude makes a difference in people. This is what allows us to develop our capabilities to the fullest. Attitude is what determines how we see and how we handle our feelings.

The attitude gives us an advantage over others or leaves us at a disadvantage. It all depends on how positive or negative is our acitud. Attitude is the only difference between failure and success. Attitude is an additive to our personality that can become people with whom others feel comfortable. None of us like to be with negative people, pessimists who complain about everything, dragging living existence. That's why leaders must have a good attitude. Without positive leadership eventually collapses, the person collapses, the first hurdle. Further, the followers of the leader quickly notice that action attitudes. It is impossible for a leader with a bad attitude to succeed. Let us wait to be the person we want to be and start has to be that person now.