Client Coach

September 28, 2019


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Coaching, as kind of counseling is a series of interviews (coaching sessions) coach and a client in the process of addressing topics of interest to the customer, and is searching for optimal solutions to the challenges facing the client. It is understood that the client already has a solution, and the best, but he simply does not see. And coach just need help to find him Clint. Technically, it looks like this: when you first meet a coach and client enter into contract, that is, spell out all aspects of future cooperation. Then, on the coaching sessions (face to face or correspondence) are considered of interest to the client threads. Thredup follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Coach asks questions and listens to the customer and the customer to these questions responsible. Naturally, the questions are not arbitrary, but in certain method, which allows the client during the session to find the answer to his question, to find a solution to the problem, which he had set himself It should be noted that the coach did not find these solutions, namely the client. Coach him in this only helps.

We can say that a coach in this case acts as a mirror for the mind customer. Without a mirror to do, of course, possible, but with mirror is still much more convenient. This kind of coaching will be of interest to anyone who wants to change, who want to achieve great results in business and in life. This is true for those who feel in themselves the potential and strive to develop it.