Catalan President

March 13, 2021


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It is clear it is speculate much because you go to know what he meant soccer coach. Sandro Rosell, for its part, on March 19, after the match of his team against Getafe, said that the club will move heaven and Earth to find the first responsible of the insinuations of doping on the Barca players that a journalist of the chain COPE slid a few days ago: A thing is that someone complain for reasons of calendar, even if is no arguments as demonstrated in Seville, or the arbitrators, also without any basis as seen today. But something very different are the calumnies. When it is slander to our technicians, our players and our institution, linked to our players with doping, that is intolerable because it causes much damage to the Catalans. Here do not we go, said Rosell. And still say: complaints do not seem a sign of fair play and why we resorted not to them, but we accept them.

But another very different are the calumnies. The club will not allow, and we will put all our efforts into finding where they exit, warned the former Catalan President. Another former Catalan coach, Johan Cruyff, expressed his view in the newspaper on March 21 about that the notes which were made at the Cadena Cope with respect to possible doping of FC Barcelona requires that Real Madrid is rectified as soon as possible: the indictment is too serious, too beast, as to which there has not been a few apologies, and very well given, longer not by the complainant but as party involved – for others, Yes, but involved – one’s own Real Madrid, said.